Czech for Foreigners

 Lecturers Mgr. Evgeniya Koval Scope 2 x 60 minutes per week Price without VAT 12400 Kč Term 15.11. 2021 - 30. 6. 2022 Place online (Skype)

15. 11. 2021 - 30. 6. 2022, online (Skype)

Course description

The course programme is designed as a two-year study of Czech. Unlike intensive courses, we offer lessons at a relaxed tempo, without disrupting study or work. You can prepare for acceptance into one of the leading universities in the Czech Republic and be able to study at a tertiary institution in Czech or be competent enough to use Czech at work or in your life while living in the country.

Your Czech and Russian speaking teacher will guide you through the course, explaining in detail the grammatical rules and aspects of the Czech language that are especially difficultfor foreigners to grasp. During the course, students will also learn about the culture and historical traditions, Czech mentality and customs that will help them to better navigate their way in the Czech setting.

Who is the course intended for? 

Students in the final two years of secondary school, undergraduates from foreign universities intending to study at a tertiary institution in the Czech Republic (SAU) and also foreigners-employees of firms whom the course will help with better integration into the Czech setting.

Prerequisites for passing the course 

Starting level – beginner.

Level upon completion after 1st year – general Czech language level A1

(Level upon completion in the following 2nd year – general Czech language level A2/B1

plus academic vocabulary)

A maximum of 15 students in a class.

Each year ends with a test and a certificate on the Czech language level issued by SAU.

Teacher: Mgr. Evgeniya Koval

Course load: 1st year – 2 x 60 minutes per week (56 x 60 minutes + e-learning support for self-study)

Price: 480 euro + VAT

Course period: 15/11/2021 – 30/06/2022

Venue: On-line (Skype)

Mgr. Tereza Prevužňáková

Lifelong Learning Specialist