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Executive Weekend MBA



Form of study

Part-time (weekend courses)


18 - 24 months





Basic information about the study

The MBA programme Global Management in Automotive Industry is a lifelong learning programme focused on the needs and perspectives of career-oriented professionals in the automotive industry. The goal of the programme is to develop knowledge and skills of future international leaders in the automotive industry. The programme offers a significant career incentive to students with a global focus, open approach to the world and a high degree of curiosity.

Teaching approaches

• Not more than 17 students in a group
• Lectures based on case studies, examples, interactive seminar assignments, café conversations, discussions, projects and simulations
• Facilitated networking within and between study groups
• International study trip (for more practical experience) and a weekend outdoor leadership training (to develop self-knowledge)

The main features of the ŠKODA Auto College MBA programme

• Developed in cooperation with global players in the automotive industry
• Travel abroad to visit companies and get to know the industry more
• Weekend outdoor training to develop your potential
• Intensive weekend study (starting on Friday afternoon)
• Diverse group of top international lecturers (who do not participate in other MBA programmes in the Czech Republic)

Dates of teaching meetings

18. 11. – 19. 11. 2022; 2. 12. – 3. 12. 2022; 16. 12. – 17. 12. 2022; 6. 1. – 7. 1. 2023; 20. 1. – 21. 1. 2023; 3. 2. – 4. 2. 2023; 17. 2. 2023; 3. 3. – 4. 3. 2023; 24. 3. – 25. 3. 2023; 14. 4. – 15. 4. 2023; 21. 4. – 22. 4. 2023; 5. 5. – 7. 5. 2023 – Outdoor Leadership Training; 19. 5. – 20. 5. 2023; 2. 6. – 3. 6. 2023; 16. 6. – 17. 6. 2023; 7. 7. – 8. 7. 2023; 11. 8. - 12. 8. 2023; 3. 9. - 7. 9. 2023 – International Study Trip; 22. 9. - 23. 9. 2023; 6. 10. – 7. 10. 2023

Study modules

Automotive Business Simulation Economic Analysis International Study Experience
B2B Marketing Human Resource Management Operations Management
Career Management Industry 4.0* Outdoor Leadership Training
Corporate Accounting Innovation Management Project Management
Corporate Finance International Finance Research Methods - Thesis Preparation
Corporate Governance/Managerial Ethics International Business Operations Strategic Marketing Management

* The content of study modules may be subject to change based on current economic relevance.

Tuition and fees

Fee Amount Due date
Admission procedure fee 3 000 CZK Payable before the interview
Tuition for the whole programme 338 000 CZK* Payable before the start of the first learning module  

* Tuition includes enrolment in courses worth 120 credits over a period of 24 months. All required learning modules and courses, study materials, travel and accommodation costs of the international study trip and accommodation and food costs of the weekend leadership training.


If you want to join the MBA programme, please send your application to

The decision on admission to the MBA programme is the responsibility of the Rector and is based on an assessment of the following minimum criteria:

1. Previous university studies – at least a Bachelor’s degree

2. Professional interest and previous work experience – three years of management experience, cover letter, references, recommendations for study from superiors.

3. English proficiency – an international certificate that proves English proficiency at B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (e.g. FCE; IELTS 6.0; BULATS 60; BEC Vantage; TOEIC 750; TOEFL iBt 87; PTE General Level 3).

4. Motivation to study – interview (in person or via VOIP or phone)

Important deadlines

Acceptance of applications for the next programme run (year 2024):  By September 15, 2022

Estimated start date of the next programme run (year 2022): November 2022

Due to the prevailing pandemic uncertainties, we are not able to estimate if or when a weekend executive study program can start again. Following this, it is not possible to go on a study trip abroad or take part in a weekend outdoor leadership training, even though both activities are compulsory parts of this program. At the same time, preferences of applicants for MBA education are changing in terms of its form, which may reduce probability of returning to the same format of an executive weekend study program.

Lecture hall

Václavské nám. 40, 110 00 Praha 1, Česká republika  


doc. Ing. Pavel Štrach, Ph.D., Ph.D.

Head of Department

Ing. Zdenka Makaloušová

Our lectures


doc. Ing. Pavel Štrach, Ph.D., Ph.D

Director of the MBA programme

Professional focus: International management and international marketing

"My goal is to create an MBA programme that matters and delivers satisfaction to students and the industry."

Singer Gunther.jpg

Prof. Dr. Günther Singer

MBA professor

Professional focus: Career Management, Corporate Governance

"Talking with customers, leading direct reports or convincing your own boss, communication always depends on your personality – a skill you learn within the MBA Programme at ŠKODA AUTO University."

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