7th International Student Conference on Logistics “mŠVOK 2024”

April 16–17, 2024

Czech Republic, Na Karmeli 1457, Mladá Boleslav

Škoda Auto University, Czech Republic 


College of Logistics,  Czech Republic

Cracow University of Economics, College of Management and Quality Sciences, Poland

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, Slovakia

Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnologies, Slovakia

University of Zielona Góra, Faculty of Economics and Management, Poland

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Selected conference papers will be published in the journal Acta logistica or Acta Logistica Moravica

Scientific Committee

prof. Ing. Radim Lenort, Ph.D. – chairman

Ing. Helena Fidlerová, PhD.

Ing. David Holman, Ph.D.

dr Katarzyna Huk

doc. Dr. Ing. Oldřich Kodym, MBA

doc. Ing. Helena Makyšová, PhD.

Ing. Tomáš Malčic, Ph.D.

dr Tomasz Małkus

Ing. David Staš, Ph.D.

prof. Ing. Martin Straka, PhD.

doc. Ing. Pavel Wicher, Ph.D.

dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Witkowski

Organizing Committee

Ing. Tomáš Malčic – Head

Ing. Věra Herčuthová

Bc. Tereza Machačová

Bc. Jakub Procházka

Conference programme 

Conference Programme

April 16, 2024

Educational Technical Centre Na Hejdovce, nám. Míru 27, Mladá Boleslav

14:00 – 15:00 Tour of laboratories, Educational Technical Centre Na Hejdovce

15:00 – 16:30 Workshop in the production and logistics laboratory

      18:00 – Dinner

April 17, 2024

Škoda Auto University, Na Karmeli 1457, Mladá Boleslav

  8:30 – 12:00 Student presentations (in English)

12:00 – 12:30 Awards and distinctions

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch

14:00 – 17:00 Training programme in the Škoda Lean Centre

                  Tour in the Škoda Expedition Centre

Conference Topics

-   Logistics and supply chain management

-  Procurement logistics

- Manufacturing logistics

- Distribution logistics and e-commerce

-  Inventory analysis and control

-  Packaging and handling

- Warehouse management

-  Transportation and transport

-  ICT intelligent systems in logistics

-  Sustainable and resilient logistics

-  Logistics 4.0

-   City logistics

Important Dates

-  Mach 31, 2024 – sending registration form

April, 10, 2024 – sending presentations

-  April 16–17, 2024 – the Conference

Address for Correspondence 

Ing. Tomáš Malčic, Ph.D.


Educational Technical Centre Na Hejdovce,

nám. Míru 27, Mladá Boleslav 


Škoda Auto University,

Na Karmeli 1457, Mladá Boleslav