Preparatory courses

A remedial course in mathematics for students entering the 1st year of university

This intensive course is intended for students entering the 1st year of the Bachelor’s study programme who want to improve in secondary school mathematics and thus create a high-quality foundation for further study of mathematics within the university study programme. It serves to eliminate differences in the level and scope of mathematical knowledge and skills between graduates of different types of secondary schools. The preparatory course is not compulsory.

General information

  • When: The course will take place during September
  • Where: In Mladá Boleslav - ŠKODA AUTO VYSOKÁ ŠKOLA o.p.s. Na Karmeli 1457, 29301 Mladá Boleslav)
  • Study load: 30 teaching hours
  • Price: 2,900 CZK
  • Enrolment: by 20/8/2021

Information on course payment

Please make the payment of the course fee of CZK 2,900 to bank account 2108726654/2700. It is necessary to provide the variable symbol: 92021. Enter your name and surname in the text for the recipient. Payment must be made no later than before the start of the course (recommended after the schedule is published).

In the event you do not attend the course, the payment is non-refundable.

Thematic content of the course

  • Fundamentals of set theory and mathematical logic
  • Basic knowledge of algebra, powers, roots, expressions
  • Elementary functions
  • Equations and inequations – linear, quadratic, irrational, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric
  • Vector algebra and analytic geometry
  • Sequences
  • Sequences

Recommended literature will be provided by the teacher at the introductory lesson of the course.

Czech for foreigners

The course programme is designed as a two-year study of Czech. Unlike intensive courses, we offer lessons at a relaxed tempo, without disrupting study or work. You can prepare for acceptance into one of the leading universities in the Czech Republic and be able to study at a tertiary institution in Czech or be competent enough to use Czech at work or in your life while living in the country.

Your Czech and Russian speaking teacher will guide you through the course, explaining in detail the grammatical rules and aspects of the Czech language that are especially difficultfor foreigners to grasp. During the course, students will also learn about the culture and historical traditions, Czech mentality and customs that will help them to better navigate their way in the Czech setting.

More information can be found HERE