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University location - transport

Mladá Boleslav


The ŠAVŠ “Na Karmeli” campus is located in the historical part of Mladá Boleslav and is easily accessible from the bus station, the train station Mladá Boleslav-Město as well as by car. Two parking garages are very close to the University (parking garage Jaselská and Militká on Staroměstské náměstí). Several car parks are also close (Českobratrské náměstí, Komenského náměstí).


The Prague branch in Jižní Město is easily accessible using the underground line C – stops Chodov or Opatov (bus stop Volha). When travelling by car, students and other visitors can use the car park in Dunovická street (parking spaces in Chemická Street are reserved for ŠKODA AUTO University employees only). More information about the Prague branch can be found here.  




ŠKODA AUTO University does not own any accommodation facilities but can recommend the accommodation options listed below. Please contact the providers in the list if you need more information.

Mladá Boleslav

Request for general information on accommodation, suggestions, ect. should be sent to the e-mail


Address: Českobratrské náměstí 75, 29301 Mladá Boleslav

Contact: Mrs. Jindráková - email: , Phone: +420 777 624 499, Mr. Nedvěd: +420 602 422 411


Accommodation in rooms with 2–4 beds, about 50 m from the University. No parking available. Dinners can be arranged. Price per bed 4,500 CZK per month. Accommodation will be provided upon presenting a study confirmation. Leases are for the whole academic year, unless arranged otherwise. Shorter periods can be arranged only after prior agreement with the owner.


Addres: Staroměstské náměstí 89, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav

Contact: Bc. Kateřina Sládková DiS., email:, phone: +420 730 803 182

Accomodation in rooms with 2 beds, about 5 minutes from the University. Paid parking in front of the hotel.  Price per bed 5,200 CZK per bed. Leases are for the whole academic year.

Submit binding applications for accommodation via the link here:


Students can use accommodation at dormitories which are close to the University of Economics. Cheaper rooms are available for example in the Blanice dormitory (Chemická 955), with prices ranging from 99–188 CZK per person per night based on the room. Another option is to use more expensive accommodation in ApartmanStudent (Chemická 951), with prices ranging from 219– 249 CZK per person per night.

Enrolled students can also see adverts of other students looking for roommates or offering accommodation in the AIS system on the electronic notice board.


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Mladá Boleslav

On weekdays, students can buy one main meal (e.g. lunch) in ŠKODA AUTO canteens for 25–50 CZK based on the selected meal. Meals are provided by the company Aramark, which runs the canteen at the Na Karmeli campus.


The University of Economics canteen on the ground floor is available for students. There are 2 soups and 6 meals on the menu every day (prices approx. up to 60 CZK). Students are entitled to 1 subsidized meal per day. Vending machines are also available in the building.