Buddy system 

Meet your classmate. Learn about the university before you start studying! Our Buddies will be happy to help you settle in!


What is a Buddy?                                                                                                         

A friend, a partner who will help you adapt at our school before you start studying. She/He is a student at our school, so you will get information first hand. She/He will be close by because you will certainly be contacted by someone who lives near you, so there is nothing to prevent you from meeting him/her in person and asking about his/her experience with our school. She/He will not only give you advice about studying but also tips where to go for a beer.  

How can I meet my Buddy? 

Have you applied to study at our school?

  • Complete it. We need to know where you come from!
  • You will then receive an information email from your Buddy at the email address you provide in your application.
  • Definitely do not hesitate to ask your Buddy about anything related to studying at Škoda Auto University or student life in general.

You have not yet applied, but would you like to talk to someone about studying at our school in advance?

  • Send an email to Please include your name, the high school you are currently studying or have studied, and the city you come from in the email, and we will assign your Buddy before you apply.

You've already submitted and completed your application and you haven't heard from Buddy yet?

  • e-mail with your first name, last name and the email address you used to submit your application and we will send you the contact details of your Buddy.

Mgr. Kateřina Müllerová

Promotion Department specialist (internal marketing)