SAU Annual Study

on the Automotive Industry

The study is another result of the work that ŠAVŠ has been devoting to its research activities since 2018 and that it has achieved in accordance with its research strategy. The research strategy of ŠAVŠ pays systematic attention to monitoring the national economic importance and trends of the automotive industry. A permanent element of this activity are - in addition to the international ICAI conference organized with biennial periodicity and support for publishing its own academics in the International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management - also periodically published ŠAVŠ annual studies , providing an overview of developments in the automotive industry both worldwide and in the EU and in the Czech Republic.


Czech version only

ISBN: 978-80-7654-055-2 (online)

ISBN: 978-80-7654-054-5 (printed)

Available online:


English version

ISBN: 978-80-7654-037-8 (online)

ISBN: 978-80-7654-036-1 (printed)

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Czech version

ISBN: 978-80-7654-042-2 (online)

ISBN: 978-80-7654-041-5 (printed)

Available online:




Czech version only

ISBN: 978-80-7654-023-1

Available online:


Czech version only

ISBN: 978-80-87042-72-4 

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prof. Ing. Stanislav Šaroch, Ph.D.

Member of Law and Economics Department

Ing. Věra Herčuthová

Specialist of the Department of Research and Creative Activities