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Student counselling


Are you considering studying at Škoda Auto University and do not know which field to choose? Or are you a student of Škoda Auto University and do you need to orient yourself in your studies?

While counselling applicants, we will advise you on the choice of field of study and help you find your way in the university system (credit system, system of teaching in the form of lectures and seminars, etc.).

Counselling for current students includes: assistance in transferring from another university, getting acquainted with the background of the university, assistance in solving study problems during the study.

Contact the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Mgr. Petr Šulc –

For advice on fees associated with the study or selection of accommodation, contact Bc. Kateřina Šimpachova, DiS. – či +420 730 803 182.

Mgr. Petr Šulc

Vice-Rector for Study Affairs and Quality Management

Bc. Kateřina Sládková, DiS.

Study Affairs Department Clerk

Career counselling

Škoda Auto University provides comprehensive consultancy in the area of internships, application after graduation and in the area of establishing start-up companies.

Do you not know where to practice or do you not know where to look for an internship?

We will help you choose a suitable position according to the field of your study! You can also find out about the conditions of internships or the process of applying for internships. We will also be happy to consult your CV.

To arrange a consultation, our job-experience coordinator contacts Mgr. Alena Bednárová on or on +420 730 803 125.


Mgr. Alena Bednárová

Study Affairs Department Clerk

Intercultural counselling


Are you planning to go abroad and would you like to know more about the culture of the country of origin? Want to know how to adapt properly in a foreign country?

Intercultural counselling in the field of trips abroad is provided by Mgr. Lenka Stejskalová, MBA – you can arrange a consultation via e-mail

Are you a student from abroad and need advice on your visa requirement? When and how to contact the Foreigners’ Police? What do you need to arrange before you start studying?

Advice for foreign students – visa requirements, recognition of results and more, provided by Ing. Denisa Římalová, M.A.. You can contact her by e-mail at or on 326 823 003.

Mgr. Lenka Stejskalová, MBA

Vice-Rector for International Relations

Ing. Denisa Římalová, M.A.

Head of the International Office

Psychological counselling

The unexpectedness or complexity of a stressful situation can lead to the fact that our ways of coping with stress are not enough, do not work, and it is therefore useful to seek the help of an expert (psychologist, psychotherapist). Our decision to use the services of a psychologist is often influenced by myths, prejudices, unrealistic ideas and expectations.

A visit to a psychologist (finding an expert) is not a sign of weakness, but on the contrary a proof of a real assessment of the current situation and a determination to address it.

The information provided is strictly confidential.

To arrange a consultation, contact PhDr. Ingrid Matoušková, PhD. at

PhDr. Ingrid Matoušková, Ph.D.

Member of Human Resources Management Department

Counseling for students with specific educational needs


Prospective students with specific educational needs are advised to contact the study department prior to applying to study. The department, in cooperation with other University departments, will assess whether the University can provide study support and ensure the conditions for study in the chosen study programme or specialisation depending on the student’s particular type of specific educational needs. International applicants with specific educational needs may contact the International Office. Providing learning support to study applicants and students with special educational needs is regulated by the Rector’s Directive concerning Learning Support Provided to Applicants and Students with Special Educational Needs, available here:

Rector´s Directive on Study Support Provided to Applicants and Students with Specific Educational Needs.pdf