Why at Škoda Auto University?

Do you want to study not to "study" but to get a quality education and have an "upper hand" on the job market compared to applicants from other schools?

Is a personal approach, the possibility of critical but constructive discussions with academics and the high quality of information obtained important to you?

Are you interested in moving in an international environment?

Do you want to get a whole range of benefits?

Come and study at the Škoda Auto University!


Unique scope of compulsory internship

Part of the bachelor's study is a mandatory six-month internship in the 5th semester.


Unique focus

Unique study programs combining economic ​and technical education​​​​. Teaching in Mladá Boleslav and in Prague​​.


Excellent applicability

PR and marketing, logistics, controlling, IT technical development, purchasing or HR? Our graduates apply there everywhere.


Individual approach

Do you have questions about study matters and need advice? Our study department is ready to help you.


We reward talent 

Study a private college for free? We have an incentive program for you in the amount of tuition and a whole range of scholarships.


Do you want to travel, study, get to know other cultures, have fun and learn foreign languages? Everyone can travel with us!


Double Degree 

As part of the Double Degree program, you will receive a degree from our university as well as a foreign one.


Practical information 

Important tips on accommodation and meals while studying at our school in Mladá Boleslav or in Prague.