Why at ŠKODA AUTO University?

Do you want to have a head start on the competition?

Come study at ŠKODA AUTO University!

How do we stand out from the rest?


Unique focus

The combination of economics studies with a quality technical foundation, solid language training and practical knowledge that you will gain during your internship will guide you outside school.


Excellent applicability

Our graduates work in positions from marketing and PR to auditing, controlling, logistics, technical development to purchasing – and not only in the automotive industry. The current zero unemployment of ŠKODA AUTO University graduates also proves that they are doing very well out in the real world. Graduates are employed not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.


High-quality teaching staff

Learn from the best – our teachers not only educate and do research, but also run projects for the world’s leading industrial companies.


Internship in the Czech Republic and abroad

Internships in the Czech Republic or abroad, which are compulsory in the Bachelor’s degree for one semester and optional for three months in the Follow-up Master’s course is an integral part of full-time study at our school. For your internship, you can choose one of our Czech partner companies or travel abroad.


Car for every student

Are you deciding how to get to school from a more distant region? Use our STUDY&DRIVE programme and choose a ŠKODA car under operating leasing with the same conditions as ŠKODA AUTO a.s. employees. You can also use the programme for anyone in the family. 


Work in the field from 1st semester

For selected specialisations, we have prepared the STUDY&WORK programme in cooperation with companies. It will allow you to study, work in the field and at the same time earn money from your first days at university. Furthermore, there is the chance of generous support in the form of scholarships. Do you always want to be one step ahead and are you willing to devote your time to study and work? Then this programme is for you.


Individual approach

With us, you will be more than a number on a list. Our teachers are available to you not only in the lesson but also during their consultation hours and by email. Our study department is always ready to help you – you can visit them during regular office hours or contact them through the contact centre. We also offer students counselling in various fields.


Foreign visits

Abroad for internship or study – you can travel with us to one of more than 40 partner universities and to more than 32 partner companies around the world.


Experts from the field in the lesson

In the lesson, you can also meet a number of people who are experts in their field. In addition to the invited lectures, we teach several subjects, in which you meet managers from ŠKODA AUTO a.s.



Get something extra for your diploma. When studying with us, you can obtain a number of professional and language certificates free of charge after meeting the specified requirements. Under the auspices of the Czech Logistics Association, we issue the certificates Logistics Management I and Logistics Management II. At our Prague branch it is possible to obtain an IT management certificate, and in cooperation with ŠKODA AUTO a.s. we have prepared purchase certificates for students.


Nurturing talent

The most talented students study with us for free. Thanks to our scholarship programme, your tuition fees will be covered. Did you not qualify for the scholarship programme? Never mind – you can apply for a merit scholarship for an excellent degree. Talented students can also take part in running scientific research projects for leading industrial manufacturers in the Czech Republic – and you will definitely not get lost in your CV.


Modern campus 

Studying in Mladá Boleslav happens on the modern campus of the Na Karmeli Education Centre. There are spaces available for students in Prague in Jižní Město, where a complete learning environment is prepared (classrooms, study room, canteen, study department ...).


Double degree programmes

With selected universities, we offer Double Degree programmes that allow you to obtain a degree with us and with a foreign university, after graduating from us and completing certain courses at a foreign university! We currently offer double degree programmes in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. More about Double Degree programs here.


International scope

The quality of the study is confirmed not only by our Czech accreditation but also by the ACBSP accreditation, which we obtained in 2015. It opens the way for our students and graduates to other labour markets, especially non-European ones.


Mladá Boleslav or Prague

You can choose not only Mladá Boleslav to study, but selected specialisations can also be studied at our Prague branch.