Gain work experience during your studies – study at Škoda Auto University!

  • professional internship when studying for a Bachelor’s degree in a full-time/part-time programme lasting 1 semester (students in a part-time study programme can perform work experience within the framework of their employment/commercial activity)
  • as an optional subject when studying for a Master’s degree in the Economics and Management programme – internship lasting 6 weeks
  • as a compulsory subject when studying for a Master’s degree in the following programmes: Business Economics and Management Informatics; Industrial Management – internship lasting 6 weeks within the framework of the subjects Professional Engineering Work Experience I and II
  • ongoing internship throughout the whole period of study for those who want to gain more work experience
  • internship is financially rewarded
  • option of travelling abroad to perform work experience in an extensive network of foreign partner companies 

Internships in the Bachelor´s study programme

  • for students in full-time/part-time courses of study, included in the 5th semester
  • lasts for 20 weeks – usually from the start of September until the end of January
  • minimum daily working hours are 7.5 or 8 hours
  • scheduling of working hours is governed by the requirements of the given workplace
  • the scope of the work experience can be increased to include additional internships – during the holidays or over the course of the academic year  
  • the student chooses the topic of their Bachelor’s thesis during the course of the mandatory internship
  • the focus of the mandatory intership should correspond to the chosen study programme/specialisation

Internships in the Master´s study programme

  • The Economics and Management programme:
  • as a compulsory elective subject 
  • work experience lasting 6 weeks
  • students often also perform long-term work experience during the course of the academic year 
  • students often work on their Diploma thesis during their work experience
  • The Industrial Management and the Business Economics and Management Informatics programmes:
  • as a compulsory subject
  • work experience lasting 6 weeks
  • professional and pedagogical guidance during the work experience
  • formulation of a proposal for the topic of the Diploma thesis during the course of the professional engineering work experience
  • during performance of the professional engineering work experience, the university cooperates with its founder Škoda Auto a. s. and has also established a very extensive network of additional partner companies (employers) from the Czech Republic and abroad. 

Mgr. Alena Bednárová

Study Affairs Department Clerk