Milan Kutáček

Technical Logistics Service at ŠKODA AUTO


Milan Kutáček comes from Prague and successfully graduated from ŠKODA AUTO University in 2018. While studying with us, he first chose a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and Business Management and then the follow-on Master’s degree in Business Economics and Operations Management.

Back in his first year, he took part in the Formula Student CTU Cartech project, in which he participated in the development of a business plan for the entire project and its subsequent presentation at races across Europe. During his studies, he worked in the Marketing Department of SAU, where he helped present the school at trade fairs and secondary schools. He also volunteered within the Buddy System, which helps applicants to adapt to school.

He spent his compulsory semester internship at Bentley Motors Ltd. in Great Britain. Upon his return, he became an intern at the Department of Production, Logistics and Quality Management. This practice subsequently opened the door to his current position in the Technical Service at ŠKODA AUTO logistics.

In his free time, he enjoys sports, good food and travelling.

What specifically motivated you to apply to ŠKODA AUTO University (hereinafter referred to as SAU)?

The main motivation was the compulsory internship, which can be spent abroad, during your Bachelor’s degree. There were countless offers for these trips abroad, and I was very lucky to be able to work for seven months at Bentley Motors Ltd. as part of my compulsory internship in Great Britain. Of course, as a fan of automotive technology, the combination of SAU and ŠKODA AUTO a.s. was very appealing for me.

Did your career start during your studies?

Partly yes. I became an intern at the Department of Production Management, Logistics and Quality already during my studies, and under the perfect guidance of Mr Holman, I got to handle, as a student, interesting projects in the field of logistics. Thanks to David Holman, I’m where I am today. He was, at the time, the supervisor of my diploma thesis and connected me with my current superior, thus opening the doors to the world of logistics at ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

Is there a subject or teacher you remember fondly?

There would definitely be multiple teachers. However, I remember Mrs Bokšová the most. During the whole period of my studies, I did not meet anyone who would have more patience than Mrs Bokšová when it came to students struggling with accounting. I remember the number of hours she spent consulting with me to help me pass the exam as much as possible. It was thanks to this great approach that I will always fondly remember her.

Do you have a spicy story from student life at SAU that you can share with us?

So in the end, there would be several. Probably my classmates and I laughed the most at a Halloween party when I was dressed as the pope. I remember preaching to the passing cars on the street as the pope, along with a friend who came as a chili pepper.

Otherwise, we often remember orientation trips at the beginning of the course, which also went off well. The friendships that formed during the orientation trip lasted throughout our studies and to this day we all meet from our party, and we are such a small SAU family.

You are currently working in the Technical Logistics Service at ŠKODA AUTO and are in charge of optimisation and 3D printing. How did you get into this job? Is there any other area that would interest you in the future?

I have my present job mainly thanks to David Holman, who I approached when choosing a topic for my diploma thesis, asking if he knew of an interesting place in logistics at ŠKODA AUTO. With his help, I approached Mr Zárub in internal logistics in hall M1, where I started as an intern. After about a year, I was lucky that they wanted to keep me here and offered me a great place in industrial logistics. And now I have been here for a year as a permanent employee, working as a technical specialist. I have to say that I couldn’t have wished for a better team. I dare say that we all got along great. My boss is great and the content of my work is extremely interesting and dynamic. I am also very happy for the constant connection to the Department of Production Management, Logistics and Quality, with which we work very closely.

There are many areas that would interest me in the future, but at the moment I would like to achieve more here in internal logistics. The busy and dynamic environment means there is something new every day and there is still something to learn. And that’s exactly what I enjoy about logistics, which is why I want to stay in it.

As part of your studies, you participated in the Formula Student project for a long time. What has this project taught you? Are you in touch with colleagues from the project even now?

The Formula Student project was an amazing opportunity. Thanks to this project, we had the chance to travel all over Europe. We learned to give presentations in English and met a lot of interesting people. Probably the most important thing is that it gave us the opportunity during our studies to try in practice exactly what we learned in school – whether from marketing, logistics or even accounting.

Since those of us in the SAU Formula Student team were truly a group that we had already formed on the orientation trip, we are still in contact and often remember stories from various races and trips.

What would you wish for SAU over the next years?

I especially wish SAU lots and lots of satisfied and successful students, graduates and teachers. I also wish it many student projects, such as Formula Student and others. And above all, let all students and teachers be happy, healthy and satisfied. School is great, so I will be happy to see if she continues to do more than well. During my studies, I gained a lot of experiences there and I will remember most of them all my life. So all the best SAU!