Contractual Research Projects

1.      Methods of quality improvement and lean production

2.      Study of the use of robotic grippers for picking

3.      Study of the use of autonomous forklift trucks

4.      Computer simulation of robotic sequential workplaces

5.      Analysis of working incapacity in the ŠKODA AUTO a.s. company

6.      Quick Reaction (Fast Forward After Covid) for GKT - Communications management ŠA

7.      EWA (Empowering Wholeness Agile) Learning didactic model for company learning for ŠA Academy

These are research activities commissioned by business entities. Businesses define a specific issue and ask the university to solve it for a reward. Logically, ŠAVŠ most often engages with projects in cooperation with its founder, ŠKODA AUTO, a.s., but also cooperates with other organisations such as Siemens or AutoSAP.