Dual education programme

Unique study programme - STUDY&WORK

Companies involved in the dual education programme in the academic year 2022/2023

Dual education programme is opened for full-time students at bachelor´s and master´s degree programmes. The recruitment process for the year 2023 finished after that students signed employment contract. In the year 2024 student can apply to programme untill 30th of April 2024. Company requirements for study specialization will be updated on these websites during February 2024. 

The timeline of the selection process: 

- till 30th of April 2024 please send the study application form to study

- till 30th of April 2024 please send the application to programme Study and Work

- during the May 2024 companies will pre-select the candidates´ CV 

- during the May 2024 candidates complete online English language test

- at the end of May 2024/beginning of June 2024 selected candidates are invited for personal inteview

- during the September 2024 students will sign employment contract

- from September 2024 students will study for the full time and work for the part-time

Admission procedure

Procedure for submitting an application to the STUDY & WORK program is by 30th April 2024!

How to apply? 

1. For registration please follow these steps: 

2. Apply for inclusion in the STUDY&WORK programme as follows:

a) If you are already a student at the school, open the student form in the contact centre entitled “Application for the STUDY&WORK program”  here (use the log-in details such as for the AIS; the user name is in the form xsmith, etc.) 

b) If you are not yet a student at the school, open the student form in the contact centre entitled “Application for the STUDY&WORK program” here (use the log-in details such as for e-applications, the user name is in the form 90022049, etc.).

3. Fill in the required fields in the form. Attach the required attachments stated below and save:

a) Application for STUDY&WORK programme

b) Cover/motivation letter

c) Curriculum vitae

d) Any language certificates and other certificates, only if they are available;

One attached document can have a maximum size of 10 MB. If one attached document exceeds this limit, we recommend splitting the document into multiple attachments.

4. You can check the current status of your request in the in the request overview. At the same time, we will provide you with all the essential information via the contact email provided in your application. Data collection takes place by 30th April 2024. If a student satisfies all the criteria for admission to study, including the submission of “Application for STUDY&WORK programme” and delivery of required attachments, student is invited to a selection procedure and have interview with the representatives of companies listed in the “Application ”. Interviews will be planned during the months May/June. Student will be informed about the date and time of meeting. Personal attendance at the interview is required.

  • STUDY&WORK dual education programme is a unique programme that you will not find anywhere else among the Czech public and private universities other than at Škoda Auto University.
  • The STUDY&WORK programme allows students to combine studies in the Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes at Škoda Auto University with exceptionally extensive, high-quality and very well-paid internship
  • The total scope of internship during 3,5 years of study (bachelor study) is 18 months and at the same time enables participation in the STUDY&WORK dual education programme to significantly reduce the financial demands of the study. The total scope of internship during 2 years of study (master study) is 5-6 months. 
  • Through this unique form of study, SAU wants to prepare its graduates for the growing demand for qualified professionals with practical experience and skills on the part of employers. 

Mgr. Alena Bednárová

Study Affairs Department Clerk