21st EWA (Empowering Wholeness Adaptive) Edu. empowers students and proves to be successful in intercultural competency-based education


21st EWA (Empowering Wholeness Adaptive) Edu. empowers students and proves to be successful in intercultural competency-based education

Workshop Working with Diverse Teams facilitated by Mgr. Eva Švejdarová, MBA, Ph.D., MA. shows that the innovative philosophical-didactic model of the 21st EWA Edu developed by Dr. David Holman and Dr. Eva Švejdarová is highly effective for competency-based intercultural education. During the workshop, ŠAUni students of the Master’s program in Human Resource Management in a Global Environment successfully cooperated with the Executive Master of Organization Development Class of 2023 from Bowling Green State University.

The participants described the benefits as follows:

"The workshop with the American students has convinced me that the team-based methodology (21st EWA Edu.) is truly innovative and groundbreaking. In addition, we gained knowledge useful for our studies. Most American students have many years of experience managing businesses and employees, yet, they wrote down all the ideas from the workshop (including the examples we - students, gave). Our initial lack of confidence soon subsided. We discovered that even from our position of younger counterparts, we could offer valid points of view." Lucie Vajs Císařová

"All participants really appreciated the workshop. We learned a lot of helpful information, listened to rich experiences, and worked in a diverse team. The American colleagues with many years of experience gained our perspective and a taste of how we get educated (21st EWA Edu.) in return. Most of us had to step out of our comfort zone, and, at the same time, it was a great learning experience." Michaela Blehová

"I believe that the workshop with guests from the USA was an empowering and enriching experience for all involved. The whole event was perfectly led and organized. The American MBA students were excited about introducing the revolutionary 21st EWA (Empowering Wholeness Adaptive) model, and they also enjoyed our input, meaning the ŠKODA AUTO University students. We were empowered to discover that despite the extensive experience of the US colleagues, we, as students, also have something to offer. I dare to say that the mindset of the Czech students has changed in this respect, and they will now confidently and actively use their acquired knowledge and competencies." Dominika Kusáková

"I found the event with the US students a valuable experience. The instructor did an excellent job and led the workshop brilliantly, using the content we covered in our Human Resources studies. We focused on Diverse Teams, discussing team building, self-management, and autonomy. I must say that the knowledge exchange between the US and Czech students was great; we complemented each other perfectly. The workshop taught me the importance of life-long learning, critical thinking, and inspiration for creative workshop organization." Kateřina Čápová

"I had the absolute pleasure of attending Eva Švejdarová’s courses in the Czech Republic for a multicultural learning experience. Eva was able to share her method, and I personally learned a lot from her about how to maximize the team experience in any environment but use it in an educational setting. I was very fortunate to attend this event and will be utilizing this style of team building in my management career. It truly focuses on the team aspect and brings people together." Bobby Bergstrom

"Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in a Working With Diversified Teams workshop facilitated by Eva. She was knowledgeable and engaging and effectively communicated high-level concepts in an easy-to-apply manner." Aaron Wilburn

"A fantastic experience and the instructor of the class did an excellent job of integrating the US MOD students with the MBA students for activities and cultural learning, so she did a really great job." Heidi Robinson

"I found it engaging and comforting to know that the concepts we are learning in our program are similar globally, and that gives me a lot of hope for the future of society." Bethany Klein