Another COST project for Škoda Auto University of Applied Sciences


Škoda Auto University joined the second event of the association COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), within the project CA22124 ECO4ALL (EU Circular Economy Network for All: Consumer Protection through Reducing, Reusing, Repairing).

Czech Czech Republic is again represented in the management committee by prof. Ing. Jiří Strouhal, Ph.D. from the Department of Finance and Accounting of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The consortium is managed by Olesea Plotnicfrom the Henri Capitant Association of Legal Culture in Moldova.  Fullproject, in which Škoda Auto College is actively involved, is planned as a four-year project with a completion date of 6.11.2027, with a budget of 500,000EUR 125 000 per year.

Škoda Auto University following the directorate of this project successfully submitted a nested project to the Ministry of Education and Science, which fully corresponds to the objectives and outputsof this COST project, focusing on the circular economy. "As a fundamentaladded value I see especially the synergy with the COST projectdedicated to corporate sustainability," says Prof. Strouhal, who The Czech Republic is represented in both projects in the management committee.

You will continue to be informed about the ongoing results of the project via the website and social networks of the School of Applied Sciences.