Ayesha Patricia Rekhi, Canadian Ambassador, lectured at the SAU


Ayesha Patricia Rekhi delivered a lecture as part of the Human Resource Management course. During her ninety-minute talk, participants from both students and employees heard a fascinating and colourful life story shared by the Canadian Ambassador to the Czech Republic.

Her Excellency's lecture, which was part of the Personnel Management course, was held entirely in English. It was open to students of this particular subject, employees, and other students of Škoda Auto University.

During the 90-minute lecture, Ayesha Patricia Rekhi spoke about her life story, leadership, and, last but not least, diversity.

The Canadian Ambassador shared her personal story from the time her parents moved from India to Canada to start a new life together to the present day. She also shared her experiences as Ambassador to the Czech Republic, a position she has held since 2019.

Before becoming Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Ayesha Patricia Rekhi had served in various diplomatic posts around the world, including Hong Kong, Hanoi, Bangkok and New Delhi.

Students of Škoda Auto University could have gained much valuable knowledge from the Canadian Ambassador's lecture. Her life story can inspire them and give them new ideas and thoughts about leadership and diversity. The lecture was an inspiration for all those who want to succeed in the modern business world.