Evaluation of term papers for Green Logistics Course with participation by representatives of technical departments within ŠKODA AUTO a. s.


The papers submitted by Škoda Auto University students Matěj Karhan and Boris Heuer focused on evaluating and comparing alternative fuels for the purposes of ŠKODA AUTO a.s. logistics. The project was implemented within the Green Logistics course and was assessed by an evaluation committee of experts.

The topic of this student paper was the evaluation and comparison of alternative fuels. This case is about an innovative new solution, so the students mainly used the Internet as their source of information. Much of the information was also obtained through the websites of EU organisations that monitor and produce studies on new environmental possibilities and technologies. Alternative fuel producers and, to a large extent, studies by various technical universities around the world, served as further sources of information.  While collecting materials for the project, the students had the opportunity to consult on the entire process with the clients, i.e. with experts directly from Škoda Auto.

“We didn’t have a very broad awareness of this topic before receiving the assignment. One great motivation for us was the fact that the assignment came directly from Škoda Auto, and thus we saw that our work had a real reason,” said both students, Matěj Karhan and Boris Heuer, of this project.

The students presented the results of their work to the evaluation committee, which was headed by Ing. David Stas, Ph.D., member of the Department of Production Management, Logistics and Quality at Škoda Auto University, together with representatives of from Škoda Auto’s Logistics Planning and Social Services departments. Specifically: Ing. Lenka Grešlová (PLC-B), Ing. Nadia Kuhnová (PLL-A), Ing. Helena Kolajtová, ŠKODA AUTO a.s., PLL-Logistics Planning, Bc. Nicola Tyšer and Markéta Musalová, CAP-Social Services.

“Considering how pleased the members of the evaluation committee were, we too can assess our work as successful, and we are very happy about that. Our reward is the offer of an internship in Škoda Auto, which we are very pleased with, and which we also see as a reward for the hours spent gathering information and selecting the most relevant things for our presentation,” the students say, summarising their success with the project.

Matěj Karhan and Boris Heuer are students in the 2nd semester of the Bachelor’s course in Logistics and Quality Management. Thanks to their positive experience, they recommend that future students at Škoda Auto University include the Green Logistics course in their course of study, as it not only offers education in this field that has come to be focused on sustainability, but also is very beneficial and widely applicable in future careers. The overlap in collaboration with logistics experts at ŠKODA AUTO a.s. is of course interesting here as well.

Evaluation of term papers for the Green Logistics course with participation by representatives of technical departments within ŠKODA AUTO a. s.