JEUL Project Joint Enterprise University Learning continues in 2019


After another year, we are once again participating in JEUL in VIETNAM | ŠKODA AUTO Vysoká škola

Project Joint Enterprise University Learning continues in 2019

The project Joint Enterprise University Learning (JEUL) continues in 2019. The first meeting was held at Banking University Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam in January this year. ŠKODA AUTO University was represented by the rector Mr. Pavel Mertlík, by the pro-rector Mr. Petr Šulc and by the head of the research support department Dr. Jan Lachman.The meeting lasted two days and was accompanied by two specialised seminars.

The main issues discussed during the meeting were the organisational, technical and financial aspects of the whole project. A seminar on result estimates of Chinese and Vietnamese firms concerning high school co-operation followed. Roughly 200 firms from both countries delivered very interesting points of view/results based on the enterprise survey.

Now, we are awaiting the final statements from the European partners.

"Our main task is to provide the feedback for our Asian universities and focus on data processing also from the second side. We are involved in thorough research conducted on the students themselves by our Asian partners. We will ask them questions about their internship experience in firms,” added Dr. Jan Lachman

In another follow-up seminar, the topic Virtual Learning Environment was presented as one of the topics of the project JEUL. The representatives of UEH, BUH and NUAA presented their experience with the Moodle platform. After that, there was a discussion about this virtual learning environment with experts from the University of Vilnius, who provided essential and useful tips about it.

The project JEUL is focused on experience exchange in the area of cooperation with universities combined with internship programmes.

“This project is very beneficial for our school, primarily because it leads us towards our own reflection on our processes in this area,” explained the Rector of ŠKODA AUTO University, Mr. Pavel Mertlík.

He also found the visit to Vietnam for expansion of international cooperation with the vice-president of Universtiy of Economics HCMC (UEH) Memorundum of Understanding.