MIBCON NDC s.r.o. is a new partner to ŠKODA AUTO University


An agreement on collaboration between Škoda Auto University and MIBCON NDC s.r.o. was concluded on the university campus. The main subject of collaboration is support for the provision of specialised and valuable information to university students in order to improve the qualifications of future applicants for employment.

MIBCON NDC s.r.o. is a leading consulting company specialising in the deployment of the complete portfolio of SAP products and has been delivering innovative solutions to companies on the Czech and international market for many years. The collaboration between this company and Škoda Auto University primarily revolves around supporting students and future graduates of the university. This extensive collaboration will in particular concern the provision of student internships and the related topics of students’ final theses, research projects and participation of the company’s experts in teaching; cooperation within the unique dual education programme is included as well.

 “We are very pleased to have established this new collaboration, with Škoda Auto University as our partner. Since our company offers unprecedented expertise in Enterprise Performance Management solutions in the SAP environment, we believe that we can help the students of this school to gain an overview and can pass on knowledge and personal experience in areas that relate directly to their future work experience,” says Vladislav Štefaňák, CEO of MIBCON NDC, of this partnership.

MIBCON NDC’s domain is the development of software solutions for planning, simulation, reporting, financial consolidation and sales optimisation. The company cooperates with market leaders in these fields, especially in the German-speaking regions of Europe.

David Šinkmajer, another of the company’s representatives, sees collaboration with Škoda Auto University as a logical step and adds: “Future employees and managers of successful companies gain their education at Škoda Auto University. It will be an honour for us to participate in research projects and to support students in attending international conferences and symposia. Specialists, developers and project managers have promised to actively participate in the lectures; this constitutes the best possible combination of practice with theory and education.”

The target group for MIBCON NDC is primarily students who have continued into master’s studies. The preferred fields of study in particular include the Business Economics and Management Informatics programme and the specialisations within the Economics and Management programme.  Thanks to the university’s collaboration with this company, students will expand their knowledge and gain valuable experience during their studies and mandatory internships.

Commenting on the partnership, Škoda Auto University’s rector Pavel Mertlík said: “Škoda Auto University offers a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programme in Business Economics and Management Informatics; the programme is developing rapidly, and the number of students is growing. I am thus very pleased that we have concluded a partnership agreement with MIBCON NDC s.r.o., which offers companies software solutions for SAP products. This corresponds precisely with the graduate profile of the previously named study programmes. This collaboration will be highly beneficial for our students and the entirety of Škoda Auto University, and I believe the same will be true on the other side.”

MIBCON NDC is also highly experienced in data consulting and the development and deployment of cloud-based instant simulation and analytics solutions that enable top managers from among the company’s clients to make better decisions in terms of both their business and social responsibility.

“We are certain that we have much to offer the students of Škoda Auto University, that we can help them develop their natural talents and that we will also subsequently find a number of skilled individuals among the graduates to whom we will be able to offer jobs. We appreciate the establishment of collaboration with Škoda Auto University and look forward to its further development,” adds Václav Schreyer from MIBCON NDC.

MIBCON NDC is built upon highly qualified people with a sense of teamwork and the courage and desire to develop and deploy sophisticated new solutions. This is one reason why this company’s projects have won top professional awards, including the 2022 SAP Innovation Award and the 2022 SAP Quality Award.

Representatives of Škoda Auto University and the partner company see great potential in this collaboration. They believe this partnership will bring new opportunities, momentum and possibilities for both parties.