Preliminary research of corporate logistics and supply chain resilience capabilities


The project “Preliminary research of corporate logistics and supply chain resilience capabilities”, aimed at investigating competencies for developing the logistics and supply chain resilience of industrial companies, has been funded by the Bayerisch-Tschechische Hochschulagentur (Bavarian-Czech Higher Education Agency). A research team from the Department of Production Management, Logistics and Quality at ŠKODA AUTO University and OTH Regensburg participated in the project. The research team held two consecutive workshops: one in Mladá Boleslav from 17 to 18 October and the other in Regensburg from 8 to 10 November.

Logistics and supply chain resilience refers to a theoretical concept that emerged at the beginning of the 2000s as a response to the growing incidence of major supply chain disruptions. A disruption constitutes an unpredictable emergency causing a severe and long-lasting reduction in supply chain performance. Such disruptions may include natural disasters, economic crises, political conflicts, pandemics, cyber-attacks or acts of terrorism. In turn, resilience implies that the logistics and supply chain can cope with such disruptions quickly and efficiently. Increasing resilience should rely on developing specific corporate and managerial competencies. The project, therefore, seeks to identify such competencies and design a questionnaire survey to prioritise them.