RedBull Ring 2023 as seen by students


Ondra Hron, a member of the team and our student, shares his impressions and experiences from the second race of the Formula Student season, where our team won not only the first place in the Business Plan section, but also the overall victory of the joint team with CTU Cartech.

At the end of July, we had one of the most important races of the entire season, and that was the Redbull Ring event. Formula Student is generally divided into several parts for which a team can get a certain number of points. Students at SACS participate in a static part called Business Plan, where their task is to create a new company with a product that they then try to sell to the judges.

It all started on Tuesday when it was the turn of the first round defense or two against the judges themselves in a small presentation room. The presentation lasted a total of 10 minutes and afterwards it was necessary to withstand questions from the judges. After this round we always have some time to rest, evaluate our performance among ourselves and not know if we made it to the finals.

We got the information that we were in the second round a bit unexpectedly, when we got a call sometime in the evening that someone was looking for us in the pit, and that we should arrive quickly. So we arrived as quickly as we could, and were told that the judges couldn't agree on our feedbacks, so they were sending us to the Finals.

We were a bit shocked at first, but very quickly realised what we had actually done. Getting to the finals in Austria is really difficult, so it made us very motivated. Before the actual second round, there was a briefing on Wednesday morning for the contestants who also advanced, and we were told tips and tricks for presenting on the big stage.

We still had a full day to prepare. The stress was mounting, and more and more we realized we were going to be speaking in front of a large crowd. Anyway, as soon as we took the stage, our stress dropped in the first minute and we gave a perfect performance.

Apparently, that's what they thought, too. the judges and awarded us first place, which helped the whole team the overall win.

On behalf of Škoda Auto University, once again, congratulations to you guys - an incredible performance!