SKODA AUTO University has supported the children of the Mladá Boleslav Asylum House R - Bridges


As the first private university in the Czech Republic, SAU hosted an important event at the beginning of October, called the Opening Ceremony of the academic year and the meeting of the Czech Rectors’ Conference. Our guests received unusual gift packages from the university featuring the topic of sustainability. These included, for example, owls made of purely natural materials by children from the Bělá pod Bezdězem kindergarten, growing paper, as well as apples with the school logo. Furthermore, the packages included vouchers worth CZK 250 for each guest. Funds raised through SAU were consecutively sent to the Mladá Boleslav Asylum House for Mothers with Children R-Bridges. They will be used to buy school and art supplies for the clients.

“We would like to thank SKODA AUTO University for its donation to our asylum. We will use it to purchase school and art supplies that our children can use at school and in our respite service that forms part of our pre-school education, tutoring and leisure activities with volunteers and AH staff. We try to help children who cope with difficult changes they experience upon arriving at the asylum house, such as changing schools, leaving their friends and acquaintances or extended family. Most children come to us with only basic personal belongings. They lack almost everything they need during the following days at school. Supplies purchased with this donation will help ease them into their new school environment to feel more comfortable and confident. They can enter school and meet their schoolmates without fear and with more motivation to learn,” says Pavlína Radlová, head of the asylum house R-Bridges, z. s.

SAU perceives the importance of supporting education right from children’s first contact with an educational institution and has long supported and cooperated with primary and secondary schools in the region of Mladá Boleslav.

Pavel Mertlík, the Rector of SKODA AUTO University, comments on such cooperation and support of the asylum house: “SKODA AUTO University has been cooperating with secondary and primary schools in the Mladá Boleslav region for a long time. We understand there will be no good university students without high-quality teaching at the primary and secondary levels. Supporting children from the asylum house and their parents constitutes has become a natural part of our efforts.”

“We consider helping where it is needed to be very natural and right. Our aim is to bring joy to children for whom basic school supplies are not given. The supplies purchased for the children using the funds will make it easier for them to enter a new environment and to be accepted into a new team, which is very important. Despite their difficult life paths, these children can receive basic education and we are pleased that we could contribute at least in a small way,” adds Sandra Lacinová, the bursar of SKODA AUTO University.