Škoda Auto University, in cooperation with Škoda Auto a.s., is opening a new specialisation - Purchasing.


In the winter semester of 2023/2024, the first students will begin their studies in the new specialisation of Purchasing at Škoda Auto University. By opening a new specialisation, the University answers the market demand and the requirements of the Purchasing Department of Škoda Auto a.s.

Škoda Auto University is the first higher education institution in the Czech Republic to introduce a specialisation focused on purchasing to its applicants at the Bachelor’s degree level. In doing so, the University addresses the ever-growing global market demand for purchasing specialists in all industries, not just the automotive sector. At the same time, it also meets the requirements of the Purchasing Department of Škoda Auto a.s., which has been closely and actively involved in the creation of the new specialisation from the beginning. In this way, the specialisation is as effective as possible from the occupational perspective, relying on precise and verified empirical foundations.

The global crises of recent years have shown us how crucial the role of a well-functioning supply chain can be. We need teams of highly motivated experts to successfully manage the unpredictable risks and challenges ahead. Being able to respond flexibly to emerging situations while co-creating a modern purchasing environment based on partnership and quality relationships with supply partners is crucial. Therefore, we prioritise educating and grooming young specialists who focus on purchasing and sustainable contributions to society during their university studies. Such experts will eventually fit perfectly into the teams of modern purchasing departments,” explains Karsten Schnake, Member of the Board of Directors of Škoda Auto a.s., responsible for Purchasing.

The “Purchasing” specialisation is part of the successful “Economics and Management” study programme, aiming at preparing graduates for the dynamically developing field of international purchasing. The specialisation, therefore, focuses not only on purchasing trends, purchasing negotiations or B2B relations but also on project management, process management, business logistics, international trade, operational research, financial analyses or human resources management. Acquiring practical skills during teaching is strongly emphasised using case studies, interactive management games or simulations of actual purchasing negotiations.

Purchasing is a highly sophisticated discipline, especially in terms of buying components for producing a complex industrial product, procurement procedures and acquisition activities. Yet, it has not been emphasised as much as marketing and sales in economic study programmes. However, business skills need to be cultivated on both sides of the business relationship. That is why I am very proud that Škoda Auto University has become one of the first higher education institutions in Europe to offer students, in addition to a marketing specialisation, also a purchasing specialisation,” stated the Rector of the university, doc. Ing. Pavel Mertlík, CSc., about obtaining accreditation for the new specialisation.

The Bachelor’s degree at Škoda Auto University includes a compulsory internship in the fifth semester. The Purchasing specialisation students will mostly complete their mandatory training in the Purchasing Department of Škoda Auto a.s., where they will meet with experts from practice and gain valuable knowledge and skills, increasing their competitiveness in the global labour market. As a result, graduates can apply for positions as Purchasing Specialists, Value Stream Specialists, Key Account Managers or Vendor Management Specialists.

Selected students can also enrol in the unique Study & Work programme, combining university studies with exceptionally extensive, high-quality, and well-paid work experience. Thus, they will get a head start before starting their own careers.