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Kick-Off Meeting for LIAISE COST Action to Foster Sustainable Industrial Symbiosis Held in Brussels

Brussels, October 23, 2023,  the Kick-Off Meeting for the LIAISE Cost Action was successfully held in Brussels, bringing together various stakeholders committed to promoting an inclusive and holistic approach to Industrial Symbiosis (IS). Hosted under the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), the LIAISE Action aims to generate relevant synergies among different actors from the Q-helix model and lay foundations for increasing knowledge development and robust research and development.

LIAISE, which stands for "Linking Impact Assessment Instruments to Sustainability Expertise," is devoted to advancing economic and business sustainability through its expertise in the field. By focusing on areas such as technical industrial Symbiosis synergies, Industrial Symbiosis business models, enhancing awareness and acceptance of Industrial Symbiosis, dissemination and exploitation, and management committee activities, LIAISE seeks to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and drive the adoption of sustainable practices across industries.

Industrial Symbiosis is a concept that promotes the interconnectedness and mutual benefit of industries by leveraging their waste, byproducts, and resources to create a circular and more sustainable economy. By harnessing the potential of Industrial Symbiosis, LIAISE aims to enhance resource efficiency, reduce waste generation, and stimulate economic growth while minimizing the environmental impact of industrial activities.

The Kick-Off Meeting saw the participation of renowned experts, industry professionals, researchers, and policymakers from across Europe. The event marked the beginning of a collaborative journey towards achieving the goals of LIAISE, including the development and implementation of innovative strategies and tools to facilitate sustainable Industrial Symbiosis practices.

Throughout its four years of duration, LIAISE will facilitate productive exchanges between stakeholders, foster knowledge sharing and capacity building, and promote research activities geared towards tangible and impactful outcomes. By fostering an inclusive and holistic approach, LIAISE aims to ensure that all relevant actors are engaged and that the benefits of Industrial Symbiosis are shared by all.

As an essential platform for cooperation, the LIAISE COST Action will contribute significantly to reinforcing industrial practices, catalyzing innovation, and driving sustainable development across Europe.