The 3rd year of block teaching of the interdisciplinary subject Strategic Sustainability Management (SSM) is successfully behind us


This time, with the participation of not only 18 ŠAVŠ students, but also 17 international students from the INTREPID project and, of course, AI, who was an active participant in one of the teams and, according to the user, Dominika Kusáková, helped with the creation of images and videos customized exactly for the needs of the final presentation.

6 international teams proposed sustainable innovations under the supervision of the subject guarantor Ing. Eva Švejdarová, MBA, Ph.D., and lecturers Ing. Evy Jaderná, Ph.D., Ing. David Holman, Ph.D. and Ing. Josef Horák, Ph.D.

Throughout the week, lecturers and students were supported by the holistic, project-based didactics of 21st EWA Edu, which creates an inspiring environment for acquiring not only new knowledge, but especially communication, motivational, cooperative, and self-awareness skills. According to the representative of the Department of Social Services, ŠA, Ing. Dana Kormošová, who participated in the final presentations, will be the products of startups Aguality, Compost-Inc, Good Catch, J'ECO, ReWASTE, Trash to SOIL Co. to inspire specific applications of sustainable solutions in the environment not only ŠKODA AUTO a.s. In their individual reflections, the students agreed that the whole week was very intense and enriching, but at the same time allowed to experience a lot of fun.

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