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Advanced Strategic Procurement

Basic information about certificate

The certificate "Advanced Strategic Procurement" is intended for students of follow-up master's programs and their specializations at the Škoda Auto University and is issued under the Procurement of Škoda auto a.s. After completing the certificate, graduates will get a range of professional knowledge acquired as part of the courses, but also practical skills, professional practice from Škoda Auto Procurement. The courses are taught at the headquarters of Škoda Auto University. Courses previously completed at Škoda Auto University or other universities can also be recognized.

Why choose this certificate?

  • You will become more familiar with the issue of procurement
  • You will get rich knowledge from the purchasing processes at Škoda Auto
  • You will deepen your professional skills

Conditions for earning the certificate

  • Students in the Economics and Management (all specialisations) and the Business Informatics Master’s degree programmes at Škoda Auto University. 
  • Pay a fee of 300 CZK to school´s account. 

Courses required for the certificate

Graduates of master's studies must complete the following courses as part of their studies at ŠAVŠ:
  • RDR – Supply Chain Management 
  • SRR – Supply Chain Management Simulation 
  • STMR – Strategic Marketing Management 
  • Professional work experience – in the field of purchasing; the work experience must be performed systematically for a period of at least 3 months at Škoda Auto company
  • Diploma thesis (Diploma thesis seminars – from the field of purchasing or relevant to the field of purchasing

Application for the issue of the certificate

After having met the determined conditions, the student must apply for issue of the certificate by submitting an application in the Contact Centre in AIS (“Application for Issue of a Professional Certificate”). It is also necessary to attach a proof of having undergone the required work experience. The student will be informed about the method of handover of the certificate by the Study Department.