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cEJLOG - Candidate European Junior Logistican

Basic information about certificate

In order to increase the level of qualification of European logistics experts and their application at national and European level, the European Logistics Association (ELA) has developed a system of standards for supply chain management and logistics systems and opened a Europe-wide certification program for all logistics practitioners who meet these standards.

Why choose this certificate?

The certificate with European validity is handed over to successful logistics professionals, which is issued by the European Logistics Association in Brussels.

Conditions for earning the certificate

Terms of acquisition:
- graduate of the bachelor's study specialization Logistics and Quality Management
- the student must hold a Logistics Management II certificate
- payment of a fee 1700 CZK

Courses required for the certificate

The subject structure of the Logistics Management II certificate.

Application for the issue of the certificate

cEJLOG - Candidate European Junior Logistician is issued by the Czech Logistics Association on the basis of a student application submitted in the Contact Center in AIS.