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ICT Management

Basic information about certificate


Conditions for earning the certificate

The basic conditions for obtaining the certificate are:
- The student must pass the subjects Algorithmization and Programming, Business Informatics Management, Fundamentals of Process Management, and one of the subjects Data Analysis and Databases or Business Security and Data Protection or Planning and Management of Information System Projects within the framework of their study at ŠKODA AUTO University
- A condition for obtaining the certificate is achieving a grade point average of 2.5 or better in the subjects taken. Calculation of the grade point average is the same as for the purposes of the merit scholarship.
- Pay a fee of 300 CZK to school´s account. 

Courses required for the certificate

Subject composition of the certificate:

Compulsory courses which the student must take:
       AP – Algorithmization and Programming 
       RPI – Business Informatics Management 
       ZPR – Fundamentals of Process Management

Subjects which the student must pass at least 1 of: 
       DAD – Data Analysis and Databases
       BPOD – Business Security and Data Protection
       PRPIS – Planning and Management of Information System Projects
Other conditions
The certificate may be obtained by students of the Economics and Management and Industrial Management Bachelor’s degree programmes and the Economics and Management Master’s degree programme. The courses will be taught at the main site of ŠKODA AUTO University in Mladá Boleslav in 2–3 consecutive semesters.
Subjects previously passed at ŠKODA AUTO University or another university may also be recognised.

Application for the issue of the certificate

Application for issue of the certificate and its handover
After having met the determined conditions, the student must apply for issue of the certificate by submitting an application in the Contact Centre in AIS (“Application for Issue of a Professional Certificate”).  The student will be informed about the method of handover of the certificate by the Study Department.

The Study Department checks that the conditions for issue of the certificate have been met, arranges the signature of the relevant guarantor, submits the certificate to the rector for signature and arranges for the certificate to be handed over to the student.