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Level 1 Certificate in Logistics Management

Basic information about certificate

The Logistics Management I certificate is issued by the Czech Logistics Association. Completing it will give students a unique opportunity to learn more about logistics processes, not only at Škoda Auto a.s. The certificate can be obtained by students of bachelor's and master's studies. Courses will be taught at the Škoda Auto University in Mladá Boleslav. Courses from another university can also be recognized.

Why choose this certificate?

  • You will become more familiar with logistics and related topics.
  • You will get to know logistics processes, not only at Škoda Auto a.s. 
  • You will get practical logistics skills.  

Conditions for earning the certificate

  • Completion of the course Enterprise Logistics.
  • Completion of at least two elective logistics or related courses from the prescribed offer.
  • Achieving an average of 2.5 or better in these courses.
  • Payment of a fee of CZK 300 to the school account.

Courses required for the certificate

Compulsory course which the student must take:
  • LP - Enterprise Logistics
Elective courses which the student can take (at least 2):
  • SRR - Supply Chain and Channel Management Simulation
  • PSLP1 - Computer Simulation of Logistics Processes I
  • SVD - Sustainable Vehicle Design and Supply Chain Management (e-learning course without the participation of students in direct teaching)
  • MPLS - Modeling of Production and Logistics Systems (only students in the Master’s degree programme)
  • ITR - Innovative Trends in International Supply Chain Management (only students in the Master’s degree programme)

Application for the issue of the certificate

After having met the determined conditions, the student must apply for issue of the certificate by submitting an application in the Contact Centre in AIS (“Application for Issue of a Professional Certificate”). The student will be informed about the method of handover of the certificate by the Study Affairs Department.