Specific higher education research (SVV)

Ongoing projects:

1.      Sustainable transport, housing and nutrition through the eyes of Czech consumers

Projects funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, which allocates funds to research organisations to support specific research at universities based on meeting certain quantifiable criteria (numbers of students and graduates in doctoral programmes, numbers of graduates in Master’s programmes, number of RIV points in the Information system for research, development and innovation). The research team always includes students of the Master’s or doctoral programme (if offered by the university). In this case, the conditions are defined by the beneficiary, i.e. the university.


Announcement of the student grant competition:

The aim of the Škoda Auto University Student Grant Competition is to support scientific projects of students of the Master's degree programme related to their education. Projects for the organization of a student scientific conference held to publish the results of student scientific projects at Škoda Auto University can also be supported.

The student grant competition is announced annually, regularly in the autumn of the given year for the next year.

The competition is governed by the published Principles of the ŠAVŠ Student Grant Competition. The competition period begins on the day of announcement and ends on the specified date of completion. The applicants submit the completed grant application to an employee of the Department for Scientific and Creative Activities, Lada Honzáková, who administers the projects of the Student Grant Competition at Škoda Auto University. 



Project details:

Sustainable transport, housing and nutrition through the eyes of Czech consumers

Project manager: Ing. Eva Jaderná, Ph.D.

Number of researchers (academics/students): 3/ 4

Research period: 2022-2023

Project budget: 516 183 CZK
The project is supported by funds provided by the Ministry of Education.