Study Programme Business Administration

Human Resource Management in Global Environment

Master´s Programmes and Specialisations
Form of study
Full-time and Part time
2 years
Czech and English
Mladá Boleslav and Prague

Basic information about the study

The specialization Human Resource Management in Global Environment is part of the programme Economics and Management. Its goal is to prepare graduates for work in various positions in human resource management in the global environment. The HR specialisation is based on courses such as Human Resource Management in International Environment, Diversity Management, Corporate Governance or Language Management.
Specialised courses focus on active work and cooperation with human resource departments within global organisations, planning and management of key HR processes and activities in businesses. The education process is based on the use of modern interactive methods and approaches (simulation, demonstration, case studies or lectures given by experts in the field) and on combining theory with practical applications.
Students can select a six-week work placement as part of the elective courses. Work placement is intended primarily for students coming from other universities so that they are able to gain the necessary work experience before completing their studies and thus have better employment opportunities in the Czech Republic and abroad. Under the Erasmus programme, students can also spend one or two semesters at one of more than 30 partner universities, or in one of the Volkswagen Group companies. Škoda Auto University also offers interesting programmes outside of Erasmus allowing students to choose from destinations such as Vietnam, Israel, India, South Korea or the USA for their studies abroad.

Complete information on the admission procedure and the conditions required for admission can be found HERE.


Graduate profile

Graduates possess skills and knowledge in the fields of human resource management in the global environment, sociological analysis of organizations, traditional and new accesses to leadership, diversity management and corporate management. They master principles and standards of effective leadership and cultural changes of national and global companies, including business language management. They also have knowledge of intercultural management and communication.

Graduate Employment

Graduates find employment as coordinators and managers in HR departments of national and global companies across all sectors of economy, in HR departments of public organizations and institutions, including state organizations. They are prepared to work as professional consultants in companies focused on HR services and consulting or as managers of workforce/staff agencies.