Study Programme Business Administration

Human Resources Management

Bachelor´s Programmes and Specialisations
Form of study
Full-time or part-time
3,5 years (7 semesters)
Czech or English
Mladá Boleslav or Prague
compulsory in the 5th semester

Basic information about the study

Are you interested in working with people? Choose to study Human Resource Management at our school, thanks to which you will penetrate the world of HR and be able to systematically ensure the effective use of human workforce and potential, especially in large international companies.  

The Human Resource Management specialisation focuses on soft skills, so you can do without maths.

As a graduate, you will be employed as specialists and coordinators in the HR departments of various multinational and national companies and firms, as well as professionals working in HR consultancy services.  


  • Training and Employee Development Specialist
  • HR manager
  • HR officer
  • recruitment and selection specialist  


The Human Resources Management specialisation is a comprehensive professional Bachelor’s degree programme, which is aimed at training professionals capable of systematic management of the efficient use of the human workforce and potential within organisations.

Specialised courses focus on active work and cooperation with human resources within organisations, planning and management of key HR processes and activities in businesses. The education process is based on the use of modern interactive methods and approaches (simulation, demonstration, case studies or lectures given by experts in the field) and on combining theory with practical applications. The concept of the programme focuses particularly on the conditions in international and large companies, the acquired knowledge is applicable in every organisation aspiring to long-term success in the current market environment.

Given its nature, this specialisation is less demanding in terms of quantitative methods (mathematics and statistics) compared to other Bachelor’s degree programmes, as it focuses primarily on the knowledge of human resources management, andragogy, psychology of personality, work and organisation as well as labour law and the legal and financial structure of relationships between employees and employers.

The fifth semester includes a compulsory internship. to increase the employment opportunities of graduates. Students most often choose Škoda Auto a.s. for their internships as well as other partner companies of Škoda Auto University or foreign companies, primarily within the Volkswagen Group, with the support of the Erasmus+ programme. Under the Erasmus programme, students can also spend one or two semesters at one of more than 30 partner universities.

Škoda Auto University also offers very interesting projects outside of Erasmus allowing students to choose from destinations such as China, India, South Korea or the USA for their studies abroad.

Graduates can further expand their knowledge and skills in a follow-on Master’s degree programme Law in the Global Business Environment. Given the extended and comprehensive foundation of all Bachelor’s programmes, students will be ready to study other Master’s degree programmes offered by the school as well. The specialisation is designed for students interested in working with people and interpersonal communication.

Complete information on the admission procedure and conditions for admission can be found HERE.

Graduate profile

Graduates of Human Resources Management possess a comprehensive set of interconnected and detailed knowledge of human resources management, andragogy, psychology of personality, work and organisation as well as financial law and the legal and financial structure of relationships between employees and employers. Thanks to the common compulsory courses, graduates also have economic and legal awareness, know the basics of marketing and possess computer, statistics and language skills.

A suitable combination of technical and economic knowledge they possess allows them to apply it practically, differentiating them from graduates of other universities with a similar focus.

Graduate Employment

Graduates of this specialisation will find employment especially in positions of specialists and managers in HR departments of different multinational and domestic companies and corporations. They can also work as experts in organisations and agencies providing consulting services in human resources management.

Graduates work in positions such as:

HR officers and specialist; recruitment and selection specialist; employee education and development specialist; HR manager – business partner; head of education efficiency analysis and more.