Study program

Industrial Management

Bachelor´s Programmes and Specialisations
Form of study
3,5 years (7 semesters)
Mladá Boleslav
compulsory in the 5th semester

Basic information about the study

Do you love manufacturing and technology and want to become an expert in designing and controlling industrial processes? Choose to study at our school the Industrial Management programme, where you will learn about production and logistics management, as well as machine design, especially automotive, electrical engineering and automatic control in an interactive way.

The teaching is all about practical experience and skills, which you will gain in state-of-the-art laboratories, from lectures by experts in the field, excursions or management games. 

As a graduate, you will find employment as managers and specialists in industrial enterprises and industrial service providers, as well as in the automotive, engineering and related industries. 


  • Production and logistics manager
  • industrial engineer
  • project manager
  • project manager and planner
  • technologist and engineer
  • specialist in economic and technical departments


Graduate profile

The aim of the Bachelor’s degree programme Industrial Management is to educate professionals capable of analytical, critical and ethical thinking. They will have a capacity to evaluate the impacts of ongoing processes in the market economy on the industrial sectors, to appropriately apply modern management tools and methods of industrial management and to use the knowledge of industrial, especially automotive and machinery technology for effective operations and tactical management of industrial businesses.

The programme places an emphasis on connecting the knowledge and skills in fields such as economics and management and industrial management and machinery. Lecturers often use modern interactive methods, approaches or interactive management games (simulations, demonstrations) to allow students to have an in-depth understanding of a given issue and acquire the disciplines and skills that every manager working in an international environment needs.

Specialised courses provide students with in-depth knowledge in quality management, organisation and management of production, electrical engineering, mechanics, engineering, design, informatics or algorithm development and programming. The programme also covers the marketing, personnel and psychological and financial aspects of management.

Students gain practical managerial skills not only during their compulsory internships in domestic or foreign companies operating globally, but also in terms of courses which include regular meetings with experts from the field as well as skills training in the Lean Centre of Škoda Auto a.s.; students also attend regular excursions to leading industrial businesses. Practical skills are further developed during preparation and defence of the bachelor thesis, which deals with a topic that is closely related to the study programme similarly as to the compulsory internship.

The fifth semester includes a compulsory internship. Students most often choose Škoda Auto a.s. for their internships as well as other partner companies of Škoda Auto University or foreign companies, primarily within the Volkswagen Group.

Thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, students can also spend one or two semesters at one of more than 30 partner universities. Škoda Auto University also offers very interesting projects outside of Erasmus allowing students to choose from destinations such as China, India, South Korea or the USA for their foreign travels.

Graduates of the Industrial Management programme can further expand their knowledge and skills in the follow-on Master’s degree programme Economics and Management or at another university with the same or similar study programme in the Czech Republic or abroad. Complete information on the admission procedure and conditions for admission can be found HERE.

Graduates of Industrial Management have deep knowledge and skills in general economics and management. The field of industrial management allows for good orientation in the approaches, tools and methods of production and logistics management. The field of industrial technology brings to graduates knowledge and skills of technically oriented disciplines, such as the study of materials, mechanics, design, engineering, automotive technology and electrotechnology, where main emphasis is placed on automotive technology and technologies of car and component production. Graduates gain an overview of materials used in the automotive industry, the main parts and mechanisms of machines, tools used for design and manufacturing of cars, modelling 3D parts, production technology of individual car components, car assembly technology, basic units and concepts of cars, conventional and alternative drives, electrical and security systems. They also possess skills and knowledge in marketing, accounting, financial management, economics and law combined with a technical emphasis, which differentiates them from other graduates of other universities and faculties in the Czech Republic that focus on economics. Graduates have a high level of communication and presentation skills and are capable of using at least two foreign languages at a level suitable for negotiations. They acquire practical skills and experience during their internship and thesis preparation.

Graduate Employment

The Industrial Management programme gives graduates a comprehensive, professionally oriented bachelor education, allowing them to perform managerial and specialist functions at lower or middle management levels of industrial businesses of different types and sizes. This is applicable especially in companies operating in the manufacturing branch of mechanical engineering (mainly in the automotive, engineering and related industries), but also in other manufacturing and non-manufacturing branches in middle management in the field of production management, industrial engineering and management of technical projects of business or in the field of technology management and production automation. At the same time, graduates possess theoretical knowledge allowing them to continue studying in follow-on Master’s degree programmes in the Czech Republic and abroad.