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International Marketing

Master´s Programmes and Specialisations
Form of study
Full time or Part-time
2 years
Czech and English
Mladá Boleslav or Prague

Basic information about the study

The goal of the follow-on Master’s degree programme International Marketing is to provide a solid base for a future career of top managers in the international environment of industrial companies, consulting companies or companies providing industrial services. The wide scope of a company economist includes intermediate economics, international accounting standards, corporate finance management including aspects of international taxation, global supply chains as well as the negotiation and communication skills and an intermediate level in two world languages.

The marketing specialisation is based on courses such as strategic marketing management, international marketing and more, which include practical applications in the automotive industry. It is the specialisation and the internship opportunities during studies that distinguish the graduates from all other graduates from similar programmes of other universities.

The Diploma Thesis usually deals with theoretical and practical issues based on the needs of industrial practice.

Students can select a six-week internship as a part of the block of compulsory elective courses. Work placement is intended primarily for students coming from other universities so that they are able to gain the necessary work experience before completing their studies and thus have better employment opportunities in the Czech Republic and abroad. Under the Erasmus programme, students can also spend one or two semesters at one of more than 30 partner universities or in one of the Volkswagen Group companies. Škoda Auto University also offers very interesting programmes outside of Erasmus allowing students to choose from destinations such as India, South Korea, Israel, Vietnam or the USA for their studies abroad.

The specialisation is designed for creative people who enjoy working in international environments.

Complete information on the admission procedure and conditions for admission can be found HERE.

Why choose the INTERNATIONAL MARKETING specialization to study at ŠAVŠ?

Graduate profile

Graduates of International Marketing are ready for work in sales and marketing departments of companies with an international presence. Taking into account the international nature of business relations, graduates also possess the necessary skills in language and intercultural management. Graduates are able to analyse, define and manage corporate processes in international environments since they understand the context of strategic management of decision-making in marketing, finance and logistics.

Graduate Employment

Graduates work in positions of middle and top management in departments dealing with international purchasing, product marketing, international marketing, public relations, assistants to board members of multinational corporations, managers of international projects, managers in foreign branches or in international companies abroad, etc.

Graduates work in positions such as:

sales manager; purchasing manager; international marketing manager/specialist; international projects manager/specialist; spokesperson; PR manager/specialist; strategic planning manager/specialist or assistants to top management and more.