Study Programme Business Administration

Logistics and Quality Management

Bachelor´s Programmes and Specialisations
Form of study
Full-time (CZ, ENG) or part-time (CZ only)
3,5 years (7 semesters)
Czech or English
Mladá Boleslav
compulsory in the 5th semester

Basic information about the study

Are you interested in the latest trends in purchasing, production, logistics and quality management with a special emphasis on the automotive industry?  Choose to study Logistics and Quality Management at our school, where you will learn about subjects such as business logistics, supply chain management simulation and quality management. Moreover, this specialisation is really closely linked to practice and all projects linked to practice are worked on by the students themselves.

As graduates, you will find positions as successful managers and coordinators in logistics, production or quality, in specialist departments, especially for the automotive, electrical and mechanical engineering industries not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.


  • purchasing coordinator/manager
  • quality coordinator/manager  
  • production coordinator/manager
  • logistics, warehousing and transport coordinator/manager
  • project manager


The Logistics and Quality Management specialisation combines the latest trends in the management of purchasing, production, logistics and quality with a special emphasis on the automotive industry.

Škoda Auto a.s., played a leading role in the introduction of this specialisation, which was motivated by the specific requirements of leading Czech automakers. The extensive cooperation with Škoda Auto a.s. allows students to experience solutions that are recognised throughout Europe: the logistics system of Škoda Auto a.s. was recognised as the best European logistics project of the year, the plant in Vrchlabí was awarded the international award Factory of the Year.

The high-quality faculty of the school engages not only in teaching and research activities but is also involved in a number of practical projects for the world’s leading industrial companies. Its staff members also work as auditors or experts. Talented students have the opportunity to participate in research projects as well as projects for leading industrial manufacturers in the Czech Republic. Standard features include learning through management games. Students can also attend specialised courses taught in the Lean Center, the new training compound of Škoda Auto a.s.  

In addition to lectures by experts in their respective fields, students in these courses can select four courses on management of purchasing, production, logistics and quality that are taught by Škoda Auto a.s. managers.  

During their studies, students can also acquire a Certificate of the European Logistics Association cEJLog or a Professional Logistics Management Certificate under the auspices of the Czech Logistics Association.

The fifth semester includes a compulsory internship. to increase the employment opportunities of graduates. Students most often choose Škoda Auto a.s. for their internships as well as other partner companies of Škoda Auto University or foreign companies, primarily within the Volkswagen Group, with the support of the Erasmus+ programme. Under the Erasmus programme, students can also spend one or two semesters at one of more than 60 partner universities. Škoda Auto University also offers very interesting projects outside of Erasmus allowing students to choose from destinations such as China, India, South Korea or the USA for their studies abroad.

Graduates can further expand their knowledge and skills in a follow-on Master’s degree programme International Supply Chain Management and Procurement Given the extended and comprehensive foundation of all Bachelor’s programmes, students will be ready to study other Master’s degree programmes offered by the school as well.

Complete information on the admission procedure and conditions for admission can be found HERE.


Graduate profile

Graduates of Logistics and Quality Management possess not only deep theoretical knowledge of management and technologies of purchasing, production, logistics and quality, but also practical skills and experience acquired during their studies, preparation of their thesis, and especially the compulsory internships. Students most often choose Škoda Auto a.s. for their internships as well as other partner companies of Škoda Auto University or foreign companies, primarily within the Volkswagen Group, with the support of the Erasmus+ programme.

Graduate Employment

Graduates will find suitable jobs as specialists and managers of specialised departments especially in the automotive, electrotechnical and engineering industries.

Graduates work in positions such as:

purchasing specialist; logistics, warehouse and transport specialist; production manager/specialist; distribution specialist; project manager and more.