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Gender Equality Plan (GEP) 2022-2024

What is a Gender Equality Plan?

Implementing cultural and institutional changes geared towards increasing gender equality has become a high priority in European policy, funding and education; moreover, many international research and academic institutions have already implemented it.

“Last but not least, the GEP constitutes a prerequisite for the inclusion of the institution in HORIZON EUROPE, the EU’s crucial programme for funding research and innovation.


Škoda Auto University has decided to follow the example of many Czech and international universities that have successfully introduced the GEP and are implementing it.

Our school is keenly aware that nothing can replace the asset of contented and prosperous employees, academicians, students, and last but not least, alumni and alumnae. Therefore, we have made the Gender Equality Plan and its implementation one of the key points of our strategic planning.

Skoda Auto University Gender Equality Plan, 2022-2024.pdf

A GEP (Gender Equality Plan) is always customised to meet the needs of a particular organisation and can be divided into several sections. Each section has clearly defined objectives, including the measures necessary to achieve them. The plan shall assist in raising awareness of gender equality within the institution and improve the corporate culture.

The Škoda Auto University Gender Equality Plan 2022-2024 was developed following a survey conducted by an in-house group, which established the following objectives:

  • Gaining gender balance in management and decision-making,  
  • Work-life balance and organisational culture,
  • Gender equality in recruitment and career development,
  • Integrating the gender dimension into research and education content,
  • Measures against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment,  
  • Gathering and monitoring gender-disaggregated data.

Furthermore, we have a gender audit scheduled for 2023, which will assist us in better identifying possible areas of improvement within the different GEP areas.

Ing. Michaela Provazníková

Diversity and Gender Equality Specialist

The Škoda Auto University Gender Equality Guarantor is: 

  • Ing. Michaela Provazníková, HR Award&DEI&GEP Specialist; she is also responsible for implementing the Gender Equality Plan.