Bachelor´s Degree Programme taught in Czech

  • Bachelor’s degree programmes typically start once a year.


1st round Until 30/04/2024 24/06/2023 or 15/08/2024 21/06/2024 or 19/08/2024
2nd round Until 01/08/2024 15/08/2024 or 05/09/2024 19/08/2024 or 10/09/2024
3rd round  Until 23/08/2024 05/09/2024 or 26/09/2024 10/09/2024
4th round Until 13/09/2024 26/09/2024 26/09/2024 (Mladá Boleslav)

Important: Applications are assigned enrolment dates according to delivery dates (if not specified otherwise by the applicant). E-applications that are not completed by the round closing date will be transferred to the next round. E-applications that are not completed at all by 13/09/2024 will be rejected.

How to apply

1. E-application

Fill in the e-application form. Make sure you complete all sections.  

A video guide on how to fill in the e-application form can be found here:

2. Administrative fee payment

Pay the administrative fee of 500 CZK for the admission procedure. Bank account number and your variable symbol are available ine-application form.   

Payment processing usually takes up to 1 week. Your application will then be marked as paid.

In the e-application, you will receive access data that will allow you to work with your application and monitor its progress until the deadline. The e-application will be considered complete and accepted only after all the requirements have been met, including verification of payment of the administrative fee.

3. Documents submission

In case of high/vocational  high education in the Czech Republic:

Submit a certified copy of your high school diploma.

In case of high/vocational  high education abroad:

Submit the following documents:

1. an officially certified copy of a diploma, certificate or similar evidence of graduation issued by a foreign university + a translation into Czech

2. a certified copy of an attachment to the certificate + a translation into Czech

4. Recognition of foreign education in the Czech Republic

Applicable to all applicants who have received their previous education abroad.

  A) Assessment of foreign education for the purposes of admission to Škoda Auto University

B) General recognition of foreign education in the Czech Republic
The general recognition of foreign higher education is decided by the public higher education institution that offers an accredited study programme in a similar field.  

Contact for sending documents: 

Škoda Auto Vysoká škola o.p.s. - Study Affairs Department

Na Karmeli 1457, Mladá Boleslav 293 01, Czech Republic

Ing. Terezie Suchánková

Study Affairs Department Clerk