Study Programme Business Administration

Purchase Management

Bachelor´s Programmes and Specialisations
Form of study
3,5 years (7 semesters)
Czech or English
Mladá Boleslav
Compulsory in the 5th semester

Basic information about the study

Are you interested in an industry with global growth prospects? Choose to study at our school in the Purchasing Management specialisation, thanks to which you will master the purchasing decision-making process, find out how to conduct purchasing negotiations and negotiations, get acquainted with trends in international trade and discover the secrets of B2B relationships, all this moreover connected with logistics and project management.

The teaching is primarily focused on the connection with practical skills, thanks to the simulation of real purchasing negotiations.

As a graduate, you will find employment as a purchasing manager in companies operating in the engineering sector (mainly in the automotive and related industries), but also in other manufacturing or non-manufacturing sectors.

  • Buyer
  • purchasing specialist
  • value stream specialist
  • vendor management specialist
The specialisation in Purchasing is part of the “Economics and Management” study programme.
It provides students with a theoretical foundation in the disciplines of management and marketing in order to prepare them for the international purchasing environment. As a result, the profiling subjects of this specialisation cover the purchasing decision-making process, current purchasing issues, and the support of B2B relations. Moreover, the issues of project and process management, company logistics, international trade, operations research, financial analyses of the company and personnel management shall be emphasised to a large extent.
The lecturers strive to combine theoretical and practical skills as much as possible, using case studies, interactive management games or simulations of purchasing meetings directly in the classroom. Students regularly meet with experts in the field either through lectures, workshops or compulsory internships. The internship is a compulsory part of the curriculum. As a rule, students complete their internships in the Purchasing Department of Škoda Auto a. s. or other partner companies of Škoda Auto University or foreign companies, primarily within the Volkswagen Group. They travel abroad with the support of the Erasmus+ programme.
Students may also spend one or two semesters at one of the University’s more than 60 partner universities under the Erasmus programme. Moreover, the Škoda Auto University also offers exciting projects that are not covered by the Erasmus programme, allowing students to choose destinations such as China, India, South Korea or the USA for their international mobility experience.
Škoda Auto University also offers studies in the follow-up Master’s programme in Economics and Management, enabling students to broaden or deepen their knowledge and skills.

For complete information on the admission procedure and requirements for admission, please click HERE.

Graduate profile

The study specialisation focuses on the field of purchasing. Graduates will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform, analyse and manage the purchasing decision-making process. Besides becoming acquainted with the parameters of relationships and links of economic entities operating in the B2B market, the profiling education is oriented towards marketing communication, process and project concepts of purchasing activities, operational research, logistics, supply chain operations and international trade. Moreover, the study specialisation also provides graduates with training in purchasing skills, including purchasing negotiations and bargaining.


Graduate Employment

The study specialisation in Purchasing provides graduates with a comprehensive Bachelor’s degree that enables them to work as purchasing agents in companies operating in engineering (primarily in the automotive industry and related sectors), as well as in other manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. At the same time, graduates are equipped with the theoretical knowledge enabling them to continue their studies in a follow-up Master’s degree programme in the Czech Republic or abroad.