ICAI 2024

Škoda Auto University is organising the third year of the international scientific conference under the patronage of rector Pavel Mertlík – International Conference on Automotive Industry 2024.

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ICAI 2022 Proceedings
ICAI General Information

The website and information below are regularly updated.

Conference Aims

ICAI 2024 aims to create a space for scientific discussion on economic, legal and technical issues of the current state and development in the automotive industry.




Conference Date:
13/6–14/6 2024
Conference Venue:
Škoda Auto University, Na Karmeli 1457, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

The conference language is English.  


Conference Topics

 The Importance of Automotive Industry in Contemporary Economies

 Financial Analysis

 Supply Chain Management

• Global Value Chains, Global Production Networks

• Legal Issues in Automotive
 (environment, new technologies, mobility, competition, investment, and subsidies regulation)

• Innovative Engineering, Materials and Design

• Digitization and SMART Technologies in the Automotive Environment

 Changing Customer Needs, Value Propositions, and Distribution Models

 Big Data and Analytics in the Automotive Industry

Important Dates

12th February 2024  abstract submission deadline (extended)
29th February 2024 paper submission deadline
12th April 2024   early bird fee payment deadline (extended)
12th June 2024  pre-conference day
13th–14th June 2024 conference day


Submission Guidelines

All abstracts must be written in English (preferably using British spelling).

All papers that successfully pass the review process will be published in the printed conference proceedings.
The proceedings will be sent with a request to be indexed in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index accessible at the Web of Science™ and SCOPUS.

Necessary criteria for accepted papers in the conference proceedings and criterion for participation in the conference:
• To fill in the online application form (in the “Registration” section) – at least one author must be registered online, preferably the person who will personally attend the conference.
• The abstract must be sent by email to
• The paper must be sent with the Declaration of Originality (*.pdf scan of the signed document – must be signed by all the authors), by email to
•  The minimum length of the paper is six pages, and the paper should not exceed eight pages in total.
• All abstracts and papers must follow the template and guideline format (only in MS Word format *.docx) and meet the conditions of the peer review process.
• The conference fee must be paid on time.  

Requirements for active participation at the conferences: 
Presentation of the papers in English, PowerPoint presentation in English (*.ppt, *.pptx, *.pdf).
There are 20 minutes for the paper presentation, including questions and remarks (15 + 5 minutes). For the paper presentation, standard audio-visual devices are available.

In case of non-compliance with the above-mentioned by an author(s), the conference editor will reject the paper on formal grounds, and it will not be evaluated further. The editor reserves the right to charge a fee for technical corrections where there is a discrepancy between the paper and the template and non-compliance with formal requirements during the final review process. In that case, the author may be asked to pay a technical fee.

The editor reserves the right to modify the final form of accepted papers for technical and linguistic accuracy to be included in the proceedings.
Submitted papers cannot be previously published and cannot be under consideration for publication in any other journal or publication.


Templates for Important Documents

• The Abstract Template

ICAI 2024 - Template_The Abstract.docx

• The Paper Template

ICAI 2024 - Template_The Paper.docx

• The Declaration of Originality Form

ICAI 2024 - Template_The Declaration of Originality.docx


Conference Fee

Conference Fee – Participants with Paper:

Early Bird 6 000 CZK/250 EUR by 12th April 2024 (extended)

Regular     7 500 CZK/315 EUR after 12th April 2024

Conference Fee – Participants without Paper:

Early Bird 5 000 CZK/210 EUR by 12th April 2024 (extended)

Regular    6 500 CZK/270 EUR after 12th April 2024


The participation fee is for a paper 8 pages in length.

The editor reserves the right to charge a fee for technical corrections where there is a discrepancy between the paper and the template and non-compliance with the formal requirements during the final review process. The technical fee for the paper costs 250 CZK/10 EUR.

The conference fee for one person includes:
• personal participation at the conference
• conference proceedings including an electronic version
• complete refreshments during the conference
• conference excursion  

Accommodation, transportation and any other costs are excluded from the conference fee.
Banks fees must be paid by the customer for both payer and payee so that ICAI organisers can receive the full conference fee amount. 
The conference fee is non-refundable. Substitute participation is possible.
All the conference participants will receive the confirmation about the conference fee payment on the conference’s commencement day during registration.  





Stanislav Šaroch

Conference Guarantee


Kristýna Heršálková

Organizing Guarantee



Scientific Committee

Petr Pavlínek (University of Nebraska Omaha, USA / Charles University, Czech Republic)
Jana Vlčková (Prague University of Economics and Business)
Justyna Bazylińska-Nagler (Wroclaw University, Poland)
Jiří David (Škoda Auto University, Czech Republic)
Vojtěch Dynybyl (Škoda Auto University, Czech Republic)
Jerzy Feliks (AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland)
George Feuerlicht (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
Jarko Fidrmuc (Zeppelin University, Germany)
Roman Franz Froschauer (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria)

Ingo Gestring (University of Applied Sciences Dresden, Germany)
Radim Lenort (Škoda Auto University, Czech Republic)
Kaoru Natsuda (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan)
Horst Rönnebeck (University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden, Germany)
Magdolna Sass (Centre for Economic and Regional Studies / Budapest Business School, Hungary)
Stanislav Šaroch (Škoda Auto University, Czech Republic)
Václav Šmejkal (Škoda Auto University, Czech Republic)
Pavel Štrach (Škoda Auto University, Czech Republic)
Anis Yazidi (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway) 



Here you can find information on transportation possibilities from the airport and how to get to your hotel in Mladá Boleslav.
The best way to get from Prague Airport is to take a public bus or taxi. The tel. number for a non-stop AAA TAXI is: +420 222 333 222.
If you take a taxi, you must go to Zličín metro station (see point 2 of Option 1 below), Nádraží Veleslavín metro station (see point 2 of Option 2 below) or directly to Černý Most (see the final point of either option).

Useful public transport website HERE (covers all transport within the Czech Republic).


If you decide to come by bus, you can choose between two options:

Option 1

  1. At the airport: Take bus no. 100 to Zličín (Direction – ZLIČÍN) 
  2. At Zličín (=metro station): Take the yellow line to Černý Most. (Černý Most is the final station.)
  3. At Černý Most: Exit the train and head downstairs to the bus stations. You will need to find a bus going to Mladá Boleslav. There is no set departure point. Tickets are purchased on the bus from the driver. Be sure to have some change. The price is about 75 CZK.

Option 2

  1. At the airport: Take bus no. 119 to Nádraží Veleslavín (Direction – NÁDRAŽÍ VELESLAVÍN)
  2. At Nádraží Veleslavín (which is a metro station): Take the green line to Můstek.
  3. At Můstek: Disembark and take the escalators down then follow the pedestrian tunnel to the platform for the yellow line. (This is still Můstek metro station.)
  4. Take the yellow line to Černý Most. (Černý Most is the final station.)
  5. At Černý Most: Exit the train and head downstairs to the bus stations. You will need to find a bus going to Mladá Boleslav. There is no set departure point. Tickets are purchased on the bus from the driver. Be sure to have some change. The price is about 75 CZK.

*The ticket machine for public transport tickets, valid on both the city bus and metro, is close to the bus stop at the airport or you can buy it at a newsagent’s (e.g. Relay). You will need change for the ticket machine. A 30-minute standard fare costs 30 CZK. A 90-minute standard fare is 40 CZK.

You will have to buy a ticket for luggage larger than 25×45×70 cm. The price is 20 CZK and the ticket you select is the same as the child’s 90-minute ticket. The duration of the luggage ticket is the same as the duration of the ticket of the person travelling with said luggage, i.e. 30 or 90 minutes, respectively.

Remember: The ticket for the bus from Prague to Mladá Boleslav is bought on the bus.

When you arrive to Mladá Boleslav you can easily walk, take the public transport or a taxi Tel. number for non-stop TOP TAXI: +420 770 660 040. The price is around 100 CZK.


Accommodation Tips

Please accept these accommodation tips as all these hotels are in a walk distance to Škoda Auto University where the conference will be held. 
Special tip: In HOTEL U HRADU  you will get 10% off when confirming you are the ICAI 2024 guest. Just refer to Škoda Auto University - ICAI 2024 when booking.  



Conference Venue

Škoda Auto University
Na Karmeli 1457
293 01 Mladá Boleslav

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ICAI 2022


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