Intersections of the ACADEMIC and BUSINESS world in the field of CULTURE and DIVERSITY

BEYOND HORIZONS Conference is organised under the auspices of the Rector of Škoda Auto University, Mr. Pavel Mertlík.

Please accept our warm invitation to this unique event!


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Conference Aims

The aim of the BEYOND HORIZONS Conference is to bring together a broad international forum, academic and professional institutions and companies, and to show how these cooperate in today's rapidly expanding world, what are their common themes, interconnections and future possibilities and perspectives. As part of this event, it will be possible to attend sections focused on research but also practical solutions and sharing best practices.

Conference programme


Keynote Speakers


Jiří Nekvapil

Department of General Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Jiří Nekvapil is an Associate Professor at Charles University, Prague. He specializes in sociolinguistics, pragmatics, and discourse studies. His specific research interests lie in the issues of language interaction, Language Management Theory, language diversity in multinational companies, and the ethnomethodologically based analysis of media discourse. Among his recent co-authored books are Linguistic Choices in the Contemporary City and Dialogical Networks.

Jan Kotík foto 1920 pix.jpg

Jan Kotík

Culture, Change, Diversity & People Growth, SEAT S.A., Spain

Jan Kotík graduated from the Faculty of International Relations at the Prague University of Economics and Business. He also graduated with an MBA from Bradley University in the USA. He is passionate about interpersonal relations and developing everyone’s potential. Jan has gained experience in implementing DEI programmes in the automotive industry. Currently, he is employed by the Spanish car manufacturer SEAT S.A., focusing on connecting DEI programmes to ESG strategy.


Libor Štěpánek

Chair of the CASALC committee and representative in Cercles, Masaryk University

Libor Stepanek is an Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Masaryk University Language Centre, Brno, Czech Republic. He also works as an EAP teacher, researcher and teacher trainer in EMI and Creative Approach to Language Teaching (CALT). Libor promotes global perspectives in English language teaching, close collaboration between teaching and research, and teacher autonomy. 

Tamah Sherman


Department of General Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Tamah Sherman is a researcher at the Czech Language Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences. Her work focuses on interaction and meta-linguistic behaviour, using the framework of Language Management Theory, Ethnomethodology, and Conversation Analysis. The particular focus of her investigation is on situations of multiple language use in the Czech Republic after 1989.

Vít Dovalil


Department of Germanic Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Vít Dovalil is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Germanic Studies at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. He obtained his MA in German and Political Science at the Faculty of Arts, and in law at the Faculty of Law, Charles University. He earned his Ph.D. in 2004. His research interests include language management in the European Union with the focus on the case law concerning the language-related disputes. Besides, he explores language standardization and pluricentric languages. He also specializes in German grammar and in the status of German as a foreign and minority language in the Czech Republic.


Conference Date:
1.-2. June 2023
Conference Venue:
Škoda Auto University campus,
Na Karmeli 1457, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav,
Czech Republic

Pre-conference programme will start on 31 May 2023 with pre-conference session.
Cultural programme including afternoon meeting with projects partners.
The detailed programme will be specified during spring 2023.

Accompanying Event

Škoda Auto University organises International Week.

29th May 2023 – 2nd June 2023

This year we focus on the academic and business world in the field of culture and diversity. We would like to offer you an opportunity to experience our university, visit lectures and seminars, socialize with Škoda Auto University administrative and academic staff and take an active part in the programme.

The conference language is English.

Conference Sections

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Critical Incidents

› CIs in education
› CIs in corporate practice
› Didactic use of CIs
› CIs as case studies
› CIs as a tool for personal and professional development

Promoting Diversity in Corporate Practice


› Diversity management in companies
› Diversity and inclusion in practice
› Language management in companies
› Migration issues – labour migration, integration

Promoting Diversity in Academic Practice 


› Diversity management in HEI 
› Language policies and organized (institutional) language management
› Hot themes in the public debate / Current trends and challenges
› Modern teacher professional development - skills and competences, trainings

Varied Approaches to Language Education in the Time of Globally Interconnected World

› Methodologies and teaching/learning strategies
› Developing key competencies – language, communication, soft-skills, intercultural communication
› Simple language management in learning practice
› Autonomous and life-long learning
› Plurilingual issues – competencies, strategies, cultures in contact
› Needs analysis

Submission Guidelines

All papers that successfully pass the review process will be published in the printed conference proceedings. 

Necessary criteria for accepted papers in the conference proceedings and criterion for participation in the conference:
• To fill in the online application form (in the “Registration” section) – at least one author must be registered online, preferably the person who will personally attend the conference.
• The abstract must be sent by 20 May 2023 together with the protection of personal data consent form (*.pdf scan of the signed document – must be signed by all the authors) by email to The abstract should not exceed 300 words.
• The paper must be sent by 15 June 2023, with the declaration of originality (*.pdf scan of the signed document – must be signed by all the authors), by email to The maximum lenght of a good practice paper is 3 500 words and a study paper should not exceed 7 000 words.
• All abstracts and papers must follow the template and guideline format (only in MS Word format *.docx) and meet the conditions of the review process.

Requirements for active participation at the conferences: 
The presentation of the papers in English can be following:
- PowerPoint presentation (*.ppt, *.pptx, *.pdf) for 20 minutes including questions and remarks (15+5 minutes). For the paper presentation, standard audio-visual devices are available.
- Workshop for 40 minutes
- Academic poster presentation  

In case of non-compliance with the above-mentioned by an author(s), the conference editor will reject the paper on formal grounds, and it will not be evaluated further. The editor reserves the right to charge a fee for technical corrections where there is a discrepancy between the paper and the template and non-compliance with formal requirements during the final review process. In that case, the author may be asked to pay a technical fee.

The editor reserves the right to modify the final form of accepted papers for technical and linguistic accuracy to be included in the proceedings.
Submitted papers cannot be previously published and cannot be under consideration for publication in any other journal or publication.

Templates for Important Documents

• The Abstract Template

• The Paper Template

• The Declaration of Originality

Important dates

20th May 2023 abstract submission deadline

31st May 2023 pre-conference programme

1st&2nd June 2023 conference days

15th June 2023 paper submission deadline  

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Phil. Dopris Fetscher (University of Applied Sciences Zwickau, Germany)
Mag. Dr. Martina Gaisch (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria)
doc. PhDr. Karel Pavlica, Ph.D. (Škoda Auto University, Czechia)
Prof. Maurizio Pompella (University of Siena, Czechia)
Mgr. Dagmar Sieglová, M.S.Ed., Ph.D. (Škoda Auto University, Czechia)
Heli Simon, M.A. (Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Finland)
PhDr. Mgr. Libor Štěpánek (Masaryk University, Czechia)
Mgr. Emil Velinov, Ph.D. (Škoda Auto University, Czechia)

Organisational Committee

Ing. Barbora Bláhová
Ing. Denisa Římalová, M.A.
Mgr. Lenka Stejskalová, MBA

Accommodation Tips


Please accept there accommodation tips as all hotels are in a walk distance to Škoda Auto University where the conference will be held.


Mgr. Lenka Stejskalová, MBA

Conference Guarantee

Ing. Denisa Římalová, M.A.

Organizing Guarantee

Personal data protection


Conference Organizers and Partners

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Conference Venue

Škoda Auto University
Na Karmeli 1457
293 01 Mladá Boleslav