Office Etiquette

 Lektor Mgr. Ioana Kocurova-Giurgiu, M.A Cena bez DPH 550 Kč Termín available anytime Místo online

Course outcomes:

Upon completion of the course participants will get inside knowledge in what causes difficult behaviors. They will also be able to identify, tackle, manage and adjust or remove problematic behaviors in their teams and themselves. They will also be capable of defining the causes that drive difficult behavior and remove them without negatively affecting work relationships. They will also be equipped with tips on how to manage difficult behaviors effectively while keeping a proper work etiquette and professional connections. In the long run, this will improve their leadership, communication and people management skills.

About lecturer:

Ioana Kocurová Giurgiu, M.A.

členka katedry jazykové přípravy a interkulturních kompetencí

With more than 15 years of experience working in various areas of life involving clients, customers or students, Ioana has gained insight and experience in understanding how effective communication can change behaviors and drive motivation both personal and in a team. In this course she shares personal experiences along with research based information, to help you become better at working with and alongside colleagues, subordinates or superiors through effective and strategic communication. This will allow you to apply the principles learned in your private lives and help you improve personal relationships as well. This certificate is loosely based on a course that Ioana teaches for more than 5 years at SAVS - focused on communication competences in the business environment, incorporating her knowledge and experience as a PR manager for the Red Cross Romania and Sales Manager for the Golden Tulip hospitality chain as well as extensive experience in B2C and small business employee retention.

Other courses taught: Business communication competences, Media literacy, English for academic purposes, Academic writing, Cambridge Advanced and First) exam preparation

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